Pondering making my own dreams come true.

Mom and I have been talking about the restaurant we want to own and run one day, one of my favorite dreams to get caught up in. We are very picky about food, and often don't enjoy eating out as much as we do eating in. Sure, we love someone else doing all the work for us, but our food just tastes better. Mom has already told you about why Runza hates her because I would throw out any hard, brown or wilty lettuce, but really, who would want to eat that?

One day we want a Cafe and bookstore and Neat Things We Love shop, just somewhere... us. I don't know how well it would go over here, we would want our metaphysical suchnots in it, and those kinds of stores tend to close around here quickly.

I spend more time focusing on the kitchen part, just thinking of my dream kitchen. I've been browsing PriceMyKitchen and getting dream-ideas for that some-day that I know will eventually get here. They have Kitchen equipment price comparison so I can even do some of my dreaming with a touch of realism! Or... something like that, anyways.

In my one-day restaurant, it will be a bit bigger and fancier than your average coffee-shop cafe, and have better than average selection. Probably one of those things with a small static menu, but most everything is whatever I make that day. Fresh baked breads and pastries, and not like the coffee shop here where they buy frozen and bake it here, but REAL fresh made bread. Sandwiches and salads based on what is good and in season, soups and stews in bread bowls, as much of it organic and natural as I can get.

The restaurant itself will be a relaxed but interesting atmosphere, a place you can just relax but everywhere you look there is something new and shiny to see. Probably a lot of prisms and wind chimes. I'm trying to figure out how to make most of the tables feel like each is a special hidden nook... I want you to come here and step out of reality. How do you think would be best to make that happen? What kinds of foods should I serve?

And how much do you think it would cost? I'm getting a basic idea from the price comparison on restaurant equipment but it really doesn't tell the whole cost of everything. So I dunno... How much does it cost to make a dream come true? What would you be willing to do to bring your dreams to life?

This is a sponsored post brought to you by http://www.pricemykitchen.com/, all opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.
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