Paint it purple- The Divas have been abducted!

by alien... cupcakes?  At least we know they can't experiment on non-existent brains.

The divas were selected for the Welch's "Paint it Purple" blog tour- yay! *happydance* Welch's has always been a favorite brand, and their 100% Grape Juice with Concord grapes is definitely at the top of my list. I like it because it isn't sickeningly sweet like so many other juices, its all grape with no added anything, and, well... I like purple. More seriously its a good, healthy drink. This tour is to celebrate National Nutrition Month, and to tell our awesome readers about some of what Welch's is doing to help make it easier to keep up with your health.

First, Welch's wants you to know that while diet and exercise do affect your health, so do your genes. It can be hard to keep track of which family member got what when (I know that is always my least favorite part to fill out at the doctors) so they have created Welch's Family Vine Tool where you can track your own history and share with family, and print it out to take to the doctor with you.

They also have The Grape Science Center to learn all about how grapes are good for heart, cognitive and immune system health. They have grape chemistry and nutrition info there, all kinds of goodies. Hey, who wouldn't want a tasty way to stay healthier?

For doing this blog tour, we got two bottles of Welch's juice- yum! One we just drank, because it is tasty. And Boy drinks juice like its going out of style- no kidding! I've never met a thirstier kid. The second bottle decided to cook with- who knew there were so many grape recipes out there? Check out Welch's Recipe Box to see for yourself! I wanna try the Sweetheart Salmon Filets some time, but for today we just made cupcakes, because that is what Ian wanted.

Its really easy to make Purple cupcakes, too... we just replaced the water with juice on a box mix! Cheating? Maybe. Easy for an impatient boy who wants purple cupcakes? You betcha. Depending on your icing recipe, you can make that grapey too, but I don't recommend just dumping it in pre-made icing unless you want it really thin.

We didn't want to just make cupcakes though. Sure, its fun, but not fun enough. We made these purple cupcakes from OUTER SPACE! MWAHAHA!

It's a really easy craft. You take a paper or styrofoam bowl (we had some left from the picnic) and paint it, we of course did purple. Lots of purple! After it dries you can add either yellow of black for windows all around, cut strips of construction paper and crimp them for space-ship legs, and really let your imagination go wild. Or get abducted. Whichever floats your... ship?

Aaaanyways. Yeah, I'm good at bad humor.

We put it on our awesome curly-fied cupcake holder, leaving a space between each because it made it look all funky-new- spaceish. We printed out some little aliens, attached them to suckers with more icing, attacked those things with sprinkles and nerds, topped it with our space-ship and tada! Ian -loved- it! I wound up looking like those little space ships the Jetson's had all under the Mothership, haha! What do you think? How would you decorate your space ship?

Thanks for making us think of this, Welch's, we might have this years birthday theme, now.
You can keep up with Welch's as well through their Facebook page or follow them on twitter  @Welchs

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Welch’s and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a gift code to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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