Main Dish Caprese Salad

The tomatoes taste like tomatoes again and we scored an amazing deal on some fresh mozzarella sheets rolled with proscuitto and basil so we came up with this delightful salad that was filling enough for our dinner- if you need more, some lovely warm breadsticks would go beautifully.  You can buy the fresh mozzarella sheets and proscuitto (Italian cured bacon) and roll them yourself if you can't find them near you or they are too expensive.

Every ingredient in this delightful dish is crucial so use the best quality that you can find/afford and make sure the tomatoes are in season in your area-  if I still lived up north I would have to wait at least another month.

Organic baby spinach
Organic baby arugula
Fresh tomatoes, sliced
Fresh mozzarella sheets rolled with proscuitto and basil, sliced
Fresh basil, julienned
Extra virgin olive oil (evoo)- dipping quality
Coarse salt and freshly grated black pepper.

Lay your spinach on a plate and top with some spicy arugula.  (We wash and pick through and de-stem our greens even though they are supposedly ready to eat.)

Alternate slices of tomato with the rolled mozzarella in a pattern that pleases you.  Drizzle with evoo (you can substitute a lovely aged balsamic vinegar with this dish) and sprinkle with salt- we used sea salt but kosher or any coarse salt will do and freshly grated black pepper.

Cover loosely and let set (can refrigerate or not) at least 1 hour.  We have had this without letting it sit and it is delicious but it takes it to another dimension if you give the flavors time to marry.

Hope you enjoy this refreshing taste of summer as much as we do.

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  1. That sounds so good. Here in New England we have to wait quite awhile still.

  2. Stopping in with from Ask Ms Recipe. I've got a food linky on Marvelous Menu for you to link so we can visit each other. It's posted on Monday, no need for menu anything food related is okay.

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