Hot flashes, night sweats and more- the joys of being a woman Estroven blog tour.

I am a very girlie girl, and don't want to change, but there are a few parts about being a female that I would just as soon not have had to go through. I was not a glowing, breeze through pregnancy mom, I was an in labor for months given numerous drugs to stop it mean cranky witch. (I kept the mean cranky part, sometimes.)

I had very irregular periods from being tiny but when I got them they were a nightmare.

Menopause, oh the joys of menopause (and perimenopause)- since it started right about the time I got sick we decided I would not take any drugs due to all the surgeries, transfusions and other medications I had to take.

Here are some of the most common menopause symptoms. (Taken from the Estroven site) I suffered and/or continue to suffer from at least 80% of them. Moodiness and forgetfulness are especially rough *s*.

* Changes in menstrual periods
* Hot flashes and night sweats
* Vaginal dryness
* Forgetfulness
* Moodiness
* Changes in urination
* Weight gain and shift
* Headache
* Palpitations
* Joint pain
* Loss of bone density
* Skin, hair, and eye changes
* Other perimenopause and menopause symptoms

A few secrets I have learned for dealing with menopause and perimenopause are:

.When I am in a *mood* that I can't control I give fair warning and try to keep to myself as much as possible. I also apologize in advance for anything I may do to anyone who doesn't or can't avoid me for whatever reason.

.Threaten bodily harm to anyone who messes with the thermostat- sorry, you put on a blanket or sweater if need be but when I am having hot flashes you do NOT tell me it's too cold I can't have the air on or you will regret it.

.Keep a personal fan by the bed that I can turn on and off as needed. Freezing damp cloths for your forehead and neck help as well.

.Taking pain relievers with caffeine boosts the speed which it reaches your headache.

Now there is something I can do about it without resorting to prescription drugs or suffering needlessly. Estroven. I love that they are an herbal supplement made with all natural ingredients. There are several formulas, everyone can choose the one that is right for them. I am torn between Maximum Strength and Plus Energy.

Estroven® plus Multi-Vitamin combines menopausal symptom relief with a multi-vitamin for women. Estroven® plus Multi-Vitamin contains a unique Mood & Memory blend to support mood and memory function, as well as mild to moderate hot flashes.

Estroven® Maximum Strength was created for women who may be experiencing more bothersome menopause symptoms.

Estroven® Nighttime helps promote natural sleep patterns to help you sleep through the night and wake feeling refreshed without morning grogginess.*

The Estroven® plus Energy formula naturally supports the energy you need to stay productive and energized all day, while reducing hot flashes and night sweats.*

There is no need to suffer any more than you have to- why not check Estroven out and see for yourself what a difference they can make.

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Do you suffer any of these symptoms?   Would you try Estroven?   If you are too young, do you think you would recommend Estroven to your older friends and relatives?  Life is hard enough, if there is something that can help make it easier, I say go for it.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Estroven and received a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.
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