Little Known Fun Facts About Us

In keeping with the spirit of ending the week/starting the weekend on a fun note, here are a few little known things about the divas-  hope you enjoy.  In keeping with the spirit of April Fool's, all but one of these are true-  can you guess which one?

Gamer Girlie used to be a perky morning person-  so much so the rest of us wanted to kill her.  She's since joined the rest of us on the mornings would be great if they started sometime after noon side, but not until she was in her 20's.

We watched Mulan every night at least once but usually 2 or 3 times for years as our bedtime movie.  It's still one of our favorites.  We even had an entire bus full of strangers doing the Man Walk (Mushu style) getting off the bus and entering the theme park when we went to Walt Disney World.  We wore our more copies of Mulan than most people had of movies in their entire collections.

Geeky mommy used to blame Peter Pan for everything she did wrong, everything.  She still swears it was him. ;-)  The play version w/Mary Martin and Annie were the movies she watched over and over and over.

The Mini Dddiva is afraid of potatoes (she's fine once they are cooked or at least peeled, but the outsides and the eyes freak her out).

I have been having trouble sleeping lately and have decided to lighten up on the coffee and other caffeinated beverages after 7 pm to see if that helps.  Actually all of us suffer from insomnia at various times - I even broke down and bought Sleepytime tea from Celestial Seasonings yesterday-  the jumbo pack.

The Geekazoid has such an enormous sweet tooth that when she was younger she once snuck an entire (3 pound) pan of fudge that was cooling overnight.

We're huge multi-taskers-  not one of us just sits and watches tv or a movie-  Ken was remarking the other night that even during family time every one of us had numerous other things going on (texting, computing, reading, etc. but we all know what's going on and are paying attention to each other).  Some people would not consider this quality time, but it works for us.  Some of those texts and messages are to each other, even though we are talking and whatnot throughout the show.  We're not quite sane, and that's okay.  I don't think any genius is or was.

I can't talk without using my hands-  a lot.  Wide sweeping gestures.  Even when driving.

We don't move the dogs out of their spots even if we wanted to sit there, but they can make us move from their favorite spots.  Partly because this is their home too, partly because they get mad and grumble and whine til we move.

Gamer Girlie had a parakeet when she was little that used to sit on her shoulder and when it wanted her attention would hop on her head and start (gently) pecking and pulling her hair until she put down her toys and played with the bird.  Its name was Sammy and it flew up to us when we were playing outside one day.

When we lived in Manchester, New Hampshire in our little apartment (that we LOVED) we didn't have a car and almost every morning when the older girls were at school I used to walk the Geekazoid to the market, which had a Dunkin' Donuts in it and we'd get coffee and bagel for me and a donut and hot chocolate for the little diva before we did our grocery shopping for the day.  This is also where I was trying to cook healthier before they put flavor in the better for you foods and we had so many fails that when the girls called in the order they would say your mom was trying to cook healthy again, wasn't she?  (It was the best dang pizza, probably subconsciously I hoped the recipes would fail.)

When we lived in Alaska our neighbors had a wolf that used to come over for playdates with the huskies, Mischief and Mayhem.  His name was Hector and he was so sweet and gentle he'd take a Cheese Nip from the little divas mouths.  (Why he started coming over for playdates is a really funny story for another day.)

When Ian gets mad he goes and tattles on us to one of the others and says "now send her to time out".  He even told his auntie to tell Santa that mama could have presents but she had to get one lump of coal in her stocking too because she was being a little mean.

The Mini Diva was so tiny her kindergarten teacher recommended keeping her back a year, not because she was behind but because the other kids treated her like a toy or doll.

I have let the girls stay home from school for extremely bad hair days-  I'm talking really bad, the kind you get famous for.  It had to be a unanimous consensus amongst all of us, but it happened more than once.  Especially with Geeky Mommy, whose hair is an entity unto itself and has a life of its own.

Sometimes plain crackers are all I can eat when I am getting really bad-  since I always share with the dogs, I get a plate of butter to dip theirs in and eat mine dry.

Geeky Mommy used to wear the flounciest, girliest dresses-  hoop skirts with bells, tutus, you name it and she paired them with cowboy boots.  She loved those boots and never wanted to take them off.

More than once the girls didn't know we were moving until the day of-  I would tell them to pick out their favorite things, we'd pack what we wanted to bring and take off.  (There was always someone staying or we made sure there was someone to come in and clean up/donate what we left behind.)

This is the longest (11 years in June) I have ever lived in one house, one location, one state in my entire life.  It is driving me crazy and I'd move in a heartbeat if I had the money.

I was so spoiled growing up that on schooldays I didn't have to do anything but take a shower-  some friends came over and picked out what I would wear, do my hair and make-up, even go into the kitchen and tell my mom I needed a glass of juice.  This is just one small example.  To me this was just how things were, I had no idea I was spoiled until my mom told me when I was in my 30's.

The Geekazoid can't function without music-  even studying for tests and while she sleeps she has to have the tunes on.  (And not that Mozart stuff that you are supposed to listen to when you want to be smart, real music. ;-) )

The little divas had friends in Alaska who lived so rustically they didn't have indoor plumbing and used outhouses.

When we lived in Panama City Beach we tried to be on the beach each evening at sunset (except during red tide) because we could watch the dolphins come out to play but we made sure to be out of the water because the jellyfish came near shore then.

Can you tell which is the April Fool's made up factoid?  What are some fun little known facts about you?  Inquiring minds (aka nosy divas) want to know.
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