Gamer Girlie's Fave Web Comics

Hi y'all.

For today's Frolicking on Friday fun post I thought I would share my favorite web comics, most of the ones included are ones I have been following for years.  All of these are ongoing stories, so you may want to go to the beginning.  Trust me, they are all worth your time- full of great stories and memorable characters.

A fun fantasy romp Filled with comedy, magic Epic story lines and even more epic puns.

An epic tail of An evil warlock, and the group he travels with, this story includes adventure comedy, magic, bunny steeds , the razing of village sand the fork of truth......... FOR PONY!!!!!!!!

The story of an energetic orphan down on her luck and living on her own in the Forrest and the bounty hunter she..."adopts" Its the one i more recently found, But its story is very engaging and the art superb.
A group of gamer roommates and the .. strange adventures they get into, including but not limited to: raiding a gaming company for early copies, building a robot out of an x-box, and the derpy main character forming a new religion.

So one dark and stormy night Chell runs into an alien who accidentally turns her kitten in to a Pokemon like creature called a DICE. Wanting to make sure her kitten is safe she tags along and is swept into a stellar adventure that is one of my all time favorite comics. Its actually more like an illustrated novel as she often includes text as well as the comic panels.
Actually the artist behind this comic does A LOT of comics. Seriously check all of them out, your sure to find something you'll like. This is also the comic I have been reading the longest.  Go here to
check out the rest of her comics. PURE is my other favorite on the site. But I read nearly all of them.

Well those are the comics I read on a weekly basics. Hopefully there is something on this list that sparks your interest.

Gamer Girlie out.

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