Randomy random type stuff.

You may have noticed we've sort of been mia- I barely read a blog and certainly left no comments let alone did any blogging here. Oops. Did get a new design though, on both blogs- and am happy- for now. I think they are fun and hopefully are more user friendly. Have tons of catching up to do but wanted to post the (very late) link so y'all can add your giveaways.

Not going to make excuses, life has gotten in the way and we're dealing with getting a TON of paperwork turned in (because as you know when you are dealing with this crap they LOSE IT 3 F*CKING TIMES, minimum), getting some girlies enrolled in college, tax crap, money and lack thereof crap, illness, one of the divas is moving to a new place and has to sort and declutter her apt and what she has stored here etc and add in a husband who is home ALL THE TIME DRIVING SOME OF US CRAZY (love you honey- get a hobby that doesn't involve my computer or tv all the time ;-) ) and we had to let some balls drop- sorry it was y'all, but unfortunately if we want our stupid bills paid the other junk took priority.

Sorry I missed your birthday, Julie! Hope it was fabulous.

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