WE GIVE A DAMN GIVEAWAY - ***Winners update***

Congratulations to our winners-  AEK72; SalanderServant and Phyllis.

We are uber excited about hosting this giveaway.  Our generous sponsor (who shall remain nameless but whom we love very much) is offering 1 T-shirt of choice and not 1 but 3 of the bracelets Lady Gaga created to offer relief to Japan.  While we would love to be able to make this offer worldwide, and you can live anywhere to participate, since it is being privately funded, due to shipping costs we can only ship to US and military APO etc addresses.  (Sorry to our international readers, we'll make it up to you another time.)

This is going to be run differently than any of our other giveaways because the purpose is to build awareness about the various things we can do to help Japan during this horrific time they are facing.  You don't have to follow us or like us or anything else (although we would certainly appreciate it if you chose to) but you do have to do something.  We will be running this for 30 days, longer than any other giveaway we have done, but we really want to make a difference.


Grand Prize:  The T-shirt of your choice designed by Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park from these selections AND the bracelet Lady Gaga designed, all proceeds from these prizes go to help Japan.

(2) additional winners will each receive a Pray for Japan bracelet designed by Lady Gaga

Again, anyone can enter but we can only send to US or APO/FPO Military addresses.  Entries will end on April 15th and winners drawn and notified thereabouts.

Yes, we are going to require a bit of effort-  please see our post on NO MATTER HOW LITTLE YOU HAVE, YOU CAN HELP - Aid for Japan and then do something and leave a comment here stating what you did-  it can be as simple as a prayer or a donation or buying yourself or your friends and family some of the awesome products being made specifically to support Japan.  Please note that even if you don't have a dime, some of the things you can do are free, and that's enough- just show you give a damn in some way shape or form.  You can do this daily, same thing, different, just do something to show you care, that our world and its citizens matter to you.

You can get extra entries for spreading the word- again, it doesn't matter how- a blog post of your own, email, twitter, fb, stumble, digg, etc-  let everyone you know in on it so they can do something too.  Again, share daily for a bonus entry.  Share the giveaway OR the post on what people can do to help.

The link for sharing the post on how you can help is  http://www.myloonyverse.com/2011/03/no-matter-how-little-you-have-you-can.html or the shortened version thanks to TinyURL! is http://tinyurl.com/4tvbde6

And finally, you can get 5 extra entries for sharing with us any other ways we can help make a positive difference (MUST BE NON PROFIT)!  

This is important, it matters, and we are so thrilled to at least try to do something positive.

You can enter on both blogs, every day, there are 2 sets of prizes but they are the same on both blogs- Our Loonyverse and Divas Cuisine, with 6 winners total.

*Prizes are furnished by our generous benefactor, but will not be ordered until we have chosen our winners and they will be sent directly to the addresses winners specify.  We have no control over how or when they are shipped (currently they are pre-order) but we will follow up and make sure you get your prize to the best of our abilities if there are any problems.

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