Totally Random Tuesdsay - Walmart Discriminates, Looking For Awesome Sponsors, Weather & La Di Da

Because there just aren't enough reasons, many of which we learned when 3 of the little divas worked for the big evil empire but we figured (read hoped) were local things, I'll give you another to hate Walmart- there is a case going to the supreme court that is supposed to be decided today because they have systematically been paying women less and giving them fewer promotions than their male counterparts. Wonder if this is why they make you watch the video showing how horrible unions are when you start working for them? Walmart is saying the case is too big to be a class action suit, and as their defense is using brilliant strategy such as the suit is simply too big to defend- more than a million and a half women affected was most often cited in the sources I found and that they shouldn't be sued because they make you sign a consent form stating you won't discuss your salary with co-workers. Disgusting much? Sorry, big evil, if you can screw over that many people you should be forced to defend yourself against that many. I personally think the greedy a-holes should have to pay EVERY WOMAN WHO EVER WORKED THERE. I am really glad I am not a Walmart Mom blogger. Just sayin'.

It would be really nice if this weather would make up its dang mind already.  When you need both your air and your heat in a 6 hour timespan it's officially whacked.

The coffee is really good today.  Duh, moron, the coffee is almost always good, except at IHOP, where you would think it would be excellent because hey, breakfast is what they do, and Disney World where we don't know the problem except they have craptacular coffee throughout, from the littlest koisk to the finest of restaurants.  Or maybe they got that fixed by now, better win another trip to go back and check that out.  I would never complain about being a Disney Parent blogger.
Now that I think of it, I think they really NEED ME as the Official Disney Gigi blogger- to make sure the activities and rides are suitable for the kids and the grandparents.  Plus, a lot of the guests already mistake my family as cast members.  I want to live in the Magic Kingdom. 

*Shakes head and listens to the rocks rattle amongst the fluff and snot damn sinuses, doubledamn pollen and changes the channel so the song stuck in her head from Dance, Dance by Fallout Boy come back, we miss you to Theory Of A Deadman's All Or Nothing.*  Ha, you were so sure it would be Nickelback.  Gotcha.

In case you can't tell, I pretty much got nothin'.  Again.

La Di Da.

I want make that need a new computer.  A laptop.  I get a bad case of numb butt if I sit at my desk too long.  A fast one.  My birthday is in May.  I can wait if I have to.  Now, I need to know someone who can afford to buy me a new one who wants to get me a great gift.   I would also be a great new laptop Gigi blogger. 

Okay, I am a sucky, unpredictable  blogger but I'd be a great one if the right company wanted to sponsor me-  read Disney; computer company with wicked fast laptop cute would be nice but not mandatory; car company preferably convertible or Jeep - have nice dependable car will road trip at the drop of a hat; all inclusive vacation destinations; AT&T compatible droid phone; really cute clothes, shoes &/or purse companies- well, you get the idea.  Who needs a total fruit-loop blogger representing them?  I'd drag the divas along with me, so 6 for the price of one although Destructo Jr. is pretty opinionated and might need to be bribed with juice boxes and animal crackers.

I changed the look of the blog.  Again.  I always want a new look and like my home I wanted things to be fresh and clean for spring.  If you don't like it, lie and say you do because for the moment I'm happy with it.

And there really is nothing left in there, got any random going on in your life?  Inquiring divas want to know.

XOXOX Dddiva

P.S. Keely is on haitus from Random Tuesday Thoughts so we're playing Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel (thanks, Stacy).

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