Totally Random Tuesday - This, That, The Other, Japan, What Can We Do, Donating, Love


I've been having so much fun playing along and meeting the most interesting and fascinating bloggers-  hope you will head on over to Keely's and join us.

My thoughts are all over the place, so we're in for a wild ride!  Hang on tight and enjoy. ;-)

Ian is doing well recovering- the surgery was textbook perfect and he's a trooper-  groggy and lethargic but it's going great.

Dev has a couple of her pics in an art competition - she has come such a long way-  and no, they aren't the ones we use on the blog, she is always always always busy so we have been using the pics taken with Ki's phone. We might just share a couple for Wordless Wednesday though.

Speaking of phones-  Ki loves her crackberry, and Casey her Iphone but Dev's new droid kicks both their butts-  that reminds me of Mulan  "but I don't want to kick the other kids' butts".  We watched that movie sooooooo many times- the two littles watched it every single night at bedtime for a very long time sometimes a few times a night and still, we love it.  And now that reminds me of WDW and I want to go back so we can get another group to do the man walk with us.  And be secretly or not so secretly amused that lots of visitors thought we were part of the cast. ;-)

I've been sharing the video Julie (Momspective) posted this morning-  it totally rocks and if you haven't checked it out, you really should.

I'm really glad I have been doing more blog-hopping again, I have missed my peeps and been enjoying meeting new friends.

I should really get to bed-  mornings are NEVER my best time and I have to be up an hour earlier than usual- and this after my hour was stolen from me for stupid daylight savings time.  (I still have 1 more day to b*tch and moan and whine about it, deal!)

I have our Win With Us Wednesday post already scheduled but I think I am going to do an additional one on ways we can help.  ***UPDATE*** We have posted ***NO MATTER HOW LITTLE YOU HAVE YOU CAN HELP***for anyone who wants to do what they can and will continue adding as we find more sources.  The devastation in Japan has been on my mind a lot-  you can't avoid it if you have any access to technology from the radio to the tv to the net-  and while I don't think it is good to dwell on bad things, I think that there is always always something we can do whether it be to offer a prayer (in whatever way you pray) or donate to a charitable organization or offer comfort to someone who needs it, which I hope I may have done with our post on How Source Sees Natural Disasters and Tragedies.

Angel @ Hypnotic Blend left a comment - for every like on Nurture My Body's facebook page they are donating 50 cents to Japan.  AT&T is offering free calls to Japan so we can check in with friends and family, and I think listing them is a win for everyone-  we who might not be able to do much, but we can do something, however small, even if it is as simple as showing our support to companies who are trying to make a difference; the companies themselves, whom I vow to support as much as I am able even if at this time it is only to help spread the word and of course the victims in Japan who can use all of the help, love and support they can get.

As I have mentioned before, we are so much more alike than we are different and really, what matters is that we love and support one another through these most tragic of circumstances, after all, we never know what the future holds and this is the world we live in, we can all join together to give the best of ourselves in these worst of times.

If anyone knows of any companies, businesses, sites, organizations etc that are doing something (NON PROFIT) to help with the relief efforts, please leave a link, email us, tweet me @dddiva or post on my facebook page and we'll get it added.

That'll do for today-  we'll try to get those links together tomorrow, but it will be a work in progress and we'll be happy to keep adding so please, please share.  We love you all so very much.

XOXOX Dddiva

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