Totally Random Tuesday- the delayed edition with a Cherry on top!

Once more I am running late-  life goes on, at least around here.  Still going to hook up with Keely so play along if you like.  Ki so kindly offered (HA!) to accept the wonderful award we received and I was supposed to add our totally randoms and post-  oopsies.

I have a million things running through my mind at any given time except when I am getting ready to post- then it's like a vast empty wasteland that echoes hollowly when I tentatively put feelers in there to see what thoughts might want to surface.

If I had to be any kind of flower I would be a dandelion.  Yeah, people get annoyed and try to get rid of them but they are little puffballs of sunshine and you just can't keep them down for good.  No matter what you do to them, they are coming back stronger and better than ever.  That's me.  Life can kick me around (and I will be the first to admit a large part of that is a reckless what the f*ck nature, I don't fear death at all, and I have a tendency to dive right in without checking to see if there is water first).  When I do learn a lesson, though, I learn it well and make all new mistakes the next time. ;-)  Plus when they are at the end of their usefulness as rays of sunshine they are wishes free for the taking.  (I would add that you can eat them or make tea but - eww - that's nasty.)

I have been extremely restless and edgy lately and have no idea why.  Change is coming, hopefully good change.

I need a vacation that is not a hospital stay- while I know continuous morphine makes some people trippy, for me it lessens the pain I live with every day-  and I might sleep a few solid hours at a time without being restless/wakey wakey every little bit.  Really.  I do not do well when I am in one place too long, it's time for a trip.  Just about anywhere that's not here. 

How do you know you are living in the wrong place?  You can't find enough radio stations to pre-set in the car when there are only 6 dang preset buttons.  WTF is with that? 

I frequently do a sway/dance thingy when I walk.  There is not always music playing.  The little divas do the same thing.

I want to take Ian back to the Hard Rock Cafe at WDW.  It's where we first taught him to headbang.  That is why I am a gigi and don't have some old lady name even though I am his grandmother.  I believe many vacationers have pics of him, so many stopped to smile and bang with him.  We (once again) sort of started something.  We usually do. 

Speaking of being a gigi-  on one of my hospital stays, a nurse (not from my floor) made it a point to come by after her shift to talk to me.  Apparently she had seen and heard me with Ian and wanted to say she thought it was so awesome that even though I was sick I was having so much fun with my grandson, that she intended to be a fun, kids love to play with me gigi too when she was lucky enough to have grandchildren.  How cool is that?

That's all I've got-  I know you are dying to know what I've added to my playlist this week, but I did that on Friday. ;-)  Enjoy

XOXOX Dddiva

p.s. If you are one of the recipients of the award, Ki will be stopping by your blogs to let you know but she's busy right now and will get to it when she gets here- feel free to snag it now.  :)  Totally my fault for not posting this for her when she was around to do it.  We decided it would be better to wait to let y'all know AFTER we got it posted. 

Mmm, I love cherries. And awards. Mom got an award, so I stole it from her, HAHAHA! Now its mine.

Wait, this means I have to do the work related? Ah, drat...

We got this award from the dear and wonderful Raven who I already adore and I would give the award back to her, but I think that might be against the rules. Ah, well.

First, I must share three things about I love about myself. Just three. Hum... decisions.

1. I love the way my mind works. I'm not always the quickest or brightest, but I can promise you that my mind will go places you've never been, and get there ways you never thought to travel. I am bright and colorful, and do not understand why the world is not a lot simpler than it is.

2. I love my own geekiness. That's allowed, right? I love that I am not shy to freak out over a new book, and get caught up reading word histories and laugh at people who fail at translating old english. Yeah, I'm a geek, and I'm proud.

3. I love my family. Well duh! I mean, I steal awards from my mommy! We have an... us-ness to us, that no one else can have. We drive each other crazy, but that's still okay, because only we can be us. I don't expect you to understand, unless you are one of us, in which case... BANANAS!


I'm also supposed to post a picture. Odd fact about me; I did not exist until I had my son. Really. The oldest picture of me still in existence is my baby shower, betcha didn't know that, huh? Its not that I'm ugly... in fact, I am so very beautiful that it can not be captured effectively on film.

Or something like that.

So here is picture of Ian, when he was tiny.

Now I get to pick more people to pass on the award to!  Our winners are (and don't be offended if you aren't amongst them- Raven stole our list :P-  Seriously there are so many amazing blogs out there we just can't name them all.  All you have to do to accept the award is bow down and be eternally grateful that we include you in our loony circle.  No, not really-  just snag the button; tell everyone who loves you, baby; post 3 things you love about yourself; a pic that you love and link to 5 deserving blogs.

First, my dear friend and awesome blogger Stacy from A Simple Life Inspired

Second, moms dear friend Trina (since I did steal this from her and all) at Six Daily Blessings

Third is Grampy from Grampys World

Fourth is.... whoever does Hyperbole and a Half

And last but certainly not least is Scary Mommy

Thanks, Raven.  :)  If you aren't familiar with my picks, you'll want to be sure to check them out.

~Geeky Mommy~
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