Ignorance re Japan, Veggie Tales- rant- plus fun meme

Okay, so I am all set to post my rant but now it just kind of makes me sad:  tell me this doesn't disgust you on every possible level.

These are things we have read on message boards and forums, in the comment sections on various articles, news blips, the geekazoid overheard at school, etc.  I would go find the sources but I don't want to contaminate your eyes by making you read ALL of the stupidity so here are the highlights, at least in my eyes:

Rush Limbaugh's insensitivity.  'Nuff said.
Glenn Beck (you know, Rush on steroids) totally NOT IN HIS WORDS BUT THIS IS THE GIST OF IT-   I don't want to say God's punishing us for the way we live, but...
Now naturally you expect to find pious pontificating from this duo (if you have half a brain cell) but really?  WTF is wrong with them? 

Celebrities are only getting involved to make themselves look good.  What can you even say to this type of ignorance?  We appreciate what they are doing, and in fact are hosting giveaways on both of the blogs offering their designs as prizes to get the word out-  see sidebar for how you can enter and other ways you can help.

How will this affect us (Americans)?  I mean, like, we get cars from there and electronics and stuff?  Again, I'm at a loss for what to say, except that I am glad we're not friends or I'd blister your ears letting you know what a boor you are.

I hate to sound insensitive, but really, they were just tiny villages that got wiped out, not like it's the whole country.  Does it get any dumber?  Do you have any idea of just how many people are packed into those tiny areas?

I can't believe we're sending them so much aid when so many of our own (Americans) are out of work, including my spouse.  Really?  Really?  Because you can access the internet and b*tch about how bad things are for you-  watch some of the videos, look at some of the pics, these people were decimated, they have NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING and are watching their friends and family wash up on shore and worried about the radiation, you selfish inconsiderate ass.  No matter how little you have, it's a veritable fortune compared to the nothing they have left.

Oh sure, look, Obama can send all this aid to them, but we twiddled our thumbs during Katrina, he just wants to make us (America) look good.  Holy crap you moron, I would hope that we learned something about how to respond to a disaster.  And this is for you personally-  do your freakin' research, New Orleans refused federal assistance at first, wanting to handle it on their own.  Oh, and FYI when we need(ed) help they don't say they are the rich Americans, an industrialized nation, they SEND HELP!

Japan is one of the richest nations in the world, we need to use our money here and help our own.  They were f*cking destroyed, people, do you know what that means?  No homes, no jobs, no clothes, no food, I could go on, but I won't.  OMG can anyone really be that selfish and self centered?  Yes, I know, I've stated many times that the world revolves around me and still I have compassion and love for others, even those I don't know personally or who have different beliefs and cultures and skin tones and...

On a completely different topic-  around here we try to respect and see the good in others religious preferences, and while we're not fans, the fact that some people sit Ian down in front of Veggie Tales and is told to pray that his mama comes to her senses wasn't that big of a deal, it was a nasty, petty, spiteful thing to do, but whatever, we want him to be exposed to as many beliefs as possible so he can make up his own mind about what he believes and how he chooses to worship, if in fact he does. It's how we were all raised and if you've read any of our blog, you know we're big proponents of choice and the right to make up your own mind about life and how you want to live it.

So, today we look on youtube for the St. Patrick's Veggie Tales because Dev had seen it and was-  not pleased (see, I can be diplomatic).

It's dumb-ish, but that's our opinion and we certainly don't care for a lot of what Ian watches, but again as long as it isn't harming him no big.

Have you, especially those of you who think these are good healthy Christian programming ever actually watched them, specifically the St. Patrick's one?  I was brought up in church, and I can assure you that everything I've learned about Christianity was the OPPOSITE of the message they are sending.  Compassion, tolerance, not judging, etc.

According to the video, St. Patrick (before his sainthood, of course) went to Ireland to tell the people they were wrong (pagans) for worshiping TWIGS AND POND SCUM.  Really?  Really?  You want your children being taught lies, intolerance, ignorance, hate to name a few?  

I get why SOME PEOPLE want Ian to be like that-  and I'll just offer you this insight into their characters-  they tell Ian that God does not like it when he asks to call or go to Gigi's (I'm his gigi aka grandmother) when he is with them.  Yeah, I can see why you want to emulate people like that.  If we wanted to turn him against God (we don't) we wouldn't have to do a thing.  We do tell him some people have funny concepts of God but (s)he loves us all no matter what and leave it at that.  He's just too young to understand more than that at this time.

I don't want to leave you with the taste of disgust in your mouth, so even though this is my b*tchy rant day post, here's a fun little meme from our friend Raven.

What's In Your Purse?
Wallet, bunch of plastic cards, license, Organizer thing for coupons and $
$25 (I know, I'm shocked too-  usually the girls "need" it for something. ;-)
*Gum, several varieties
*Mints, several varieties
*Lip Gloss, several varieties
*the gum, mints & gloss varies, the little divas borrow them and I can have 0-10 varieties of each at any given time)
Med bottle w/tylenol, ibuprofin, sinus/allergy pills and excedrin migraine - we like to be prepared
Wet wipes unless someone snagged them again, ditto hand sanitizer, stain stick and the like
Probably a fortune or two from when we eat Chinese
A crapload of receipts and coins floating in the abyss
A pocket for Ian that he's allowed to go in which at any given time can hold- pez, tic tacs, trains, cars, action figures, etc and dollars.  He loves when I sneak a dollar in there.  Notice I said loves, not worships, but he adores going to the dollar store and picking something out that he can pay for himself (we sneak the tax $)-  it's one of our things.  Best score so far?  A solar powered daisy that dances when we sit it in front of the window on a sunny day.
When I am going on appointments or know I'll do a lot of waiting around I stick the nook in there.

What's in your purse- or wallet, whatever you carry?  Want to play along?  Head on over to Stuperhero Extraordinaire to link up.

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