Sai Gon

Devii was nice enough to treat mom and I out to eat this week, and it was most wonderful. After much deliberation, and almost going to get pizza twice, we selected a restaurant that she had been to and swears by, but it was a first for the rest of us.
The name is Sai Gon, and it serves Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese food. The first thing you should know is that around here, serving anything other than a very Americanized Chinese food is pretty much unheard of, so I was excited. And they have bubble tea, which is awesomely amazing. And delicious. And really good, too.
I decided to try something off the Vietnamese menu since I've never had it before, and let the waiter pick for me. I couldn't even begin to try to spell or pronounce it, but it -should- translate to mountain of amazing deliciousness. Seriously.
It had chicken, beef, pork, crab, squid, octopus, crispy-yet-soggy yellow noodles, lotsa veggies, and an absolutely amazing sauce. And it alone could have fed all of us, with leftovers.
Oh, the others got good food, too. But mine was best.
Mostly, we are just glad to have a place worth going to. Most restaurants around here are... Meh. Take it or leave it, eat it to avoid cooking and dishes. But this was WONDERFUL. The food was amazing, and very well priced for how many meals you get out of it (If I say it is a lot of food, it is. For reference; My friends take me to all you can eat pancake night, to see how many I can down in a single sitting. My current record is 11, and that was mere hours after a footlong sub). Additionally, the wait staff was wonderful- very attentive, and friendly without hovering over you. Our questions were answered with a smile, our drinks were never empty, and the waiter even helped me move my leftovers to my box when I was having... eh... spatial difficulties.
All in all, this was a splendiforous dinner out for the Diva's
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