I am going to a dear friend of mine's housewarming party today, VERY exciting! She has been trying to move for a while, her old apartment was... defunct. Leaking, heater problems, air problems, wiring... yeah it was bad.

I haven't seen the new house, but she is in love! She is having her party today, Tapas style, I'm trying to figure out what all I can do... She is vegan.  I can handle vegetarian just fine, but no cheese or butter or cream... THAT is a real challenge. Then I remembered our Honey Oatmeal Bread I will just replace the butter with coconut oil, and she does eat honey.

Bread is a good choice, anyways. On my other blog, I've already written a post on the significance behind Gifts for blessing a New Home if you want a few more ideas, but here is what I'm getting together for today:

Honey Oatmeal bread- so that she may never know hunger
Alaea Hawaiian Red Sea Salt- so that her life may always have flavor
Honey- so that life may stay sweet. Also, it tastes good on the bread ;)
A coin- so that her home may always know fortune

All together in a basket tied up with a Red String so that she may always find her way home.

I would usually also give a candle, but she is one of the friends I make candles with, so that seemed a little silly.

What do you do to welcome a friend to a new home? How do you turn a new house into a home yourself?
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