Restoring faith in the wake of disaster; My Happy List

Everything that happened in Japan is nothing short of horrible, and it is awful that it happened, but I am the sort of person that tries to see at least some good effect, no matter the bad. Now, nothing will make better what happened, nothing can make up for the terror faced and the lives lost. It is hard to see anything good coming out of such a catastrophe as this... but I think I may have found one.

It is restoring my faith in humanity.
Generally speaking, I love people, but I trust them to act selfishly and in their own interest, on the whole, unless they are, say, family, and I know better. I keep looking at the world and wondering when we will wake up, stop killing our brothers for false advancements. I am hoping that, with this, for at least a good handful of people... maybe it finally clicked.

I see so many people standing up to do what they can. I read articles about the people in Japan, those who don't have enough, but share what they have regardless. At a time when you might expect people to steal so they aren't cold and hungry, instead they share what little meal they have. It makes me feel a bit better about the world.
~Geeky Mommy~

I was supposed to get this posted for her yesterday-  oops.  Also got distracted/lazy/what have you and didn't post my Happy List which I just love the idea of so I am sticking it on here too- click that button *points up* and play along.

I am happy I won't get demerits for posting this late.  I hope.  I'm happy anyways. ;-)

I am once more happy for coffee.  Yes, I know, I know, I'm repetitive but really, it's life force to me.

I am happy that fruit is starting to taste like fruit again, at least in our area.  This is the salad I made for Cookie to take to work for her lunch/dinner break-  we'll be posting the recipe on Divas Cuisine.
Gorgeous, isn't it?  Nothing says spring like the gorgeous colors of nature- with some cheese and a hello kitty container for your dressing, of course. ;-)

I am happy for living the life I do-  really, there are things I would change- amongst them health and having a super-healthy bank account, but we say it quite often around here-  I am so glad we're us I couldn't stand to be anyone else.

My new to go cup-  Cookie got it for me at work (LOVE the discounts at T.J. Maxx - less than half the price than any of the super mega marts) after much b*tching and moaning about mine falling apart-  this one is ceramic (not the lid) and won't fall apart like my last one.  And it looks like the cups you get at the drive thru and I just adore it.  Naturally I use it for coffee.

Gum!  And mints!  were on sale this week- well we usually buy only on sale but a really good sale at 69 cents for gum and 99 cents for the jumbo tic tacs at Kroger.

I am happy for the sales Kroger had this week-  49 cents for Annie's organic mac & cheese, 49 cents for Ronzoni smart pasta- the tomato, carrot and spinach noodles - love the fettuccine, plus lots of other really great deals but those are  what stood out the most to me (but far from all I bought- remember, I am a cherry picker).

I am happy it is spring break here. :)  WOOT no alarm clock this week.

I am happy I can mostly put away the winter clothes and I have some cute spring ones that I can wear.

I am happy you took the time to read this- and I will be even happier if you play along (click button above) and leave a link so I can see what makes you happy this week.
XOXOX Dddiva
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