Pitching a fit, perfect bloggers, contradictory bloggers, ignorant pr reps - rant

I know y'all think I am perfect *cough, cough, hack, hack* and I try to be positive and upbeat, but I'm a human being and let's face it, sometimes life just sucks hard.

I do believe in law of attraction, but I also know myself well enough to know if I hold everything inside I a) do severe damage to myself physically and mentally and b) when I blow it will be on a massive scale. I have found that letting things out and pitching major hissy-b*tch-f*cktheworldandeveryoneinit fits lets me get it out of my system and move on to the happy wonderful joyous things I can and do enjoy.

As Abraham says (probably poorly paraphrased since I don't feel like doing a search for the exact quote) it's not a ticking time bomb that will instantly manifest, by having hysterics I am not inviting more calamity and f*ckedupedness into my life, it's what we focus on continually (and believe me when I say if you are letting it fester like an infected puss filled gaping, gashing wound inside of you you are focusing on it even if not consciously) that is when you are attracting more of the same, not when you are ranting and railing and screaming and kicking your feet at the unfairness of it all - unless of course you stick on that part and don't move up the emotional guidance scale to something better.

In all seriousness, it's much healthier to be angry than to be fearful, depressed and powerless; irritated is better than blame and hate; etc, and you can't just smile and pretend it doesn't exist-  well, you can but you shouldn't.  Just get it out and don't focus on it.  Focus on the next better feeling thought that you can find, and slowly but consistently you will feel better about it, guaranteed.  It's the law (of attraction).

No matter how many mantras, meditations or whatever, I can't and won't be one of those bloggers who paints a rosy picture and pretends that everything is okay when it isn't, that's why we do these Through With It Thursday posts. (Yeah, I am still thinking about what Keely said about the perfect bloggers getting all the great sponsors and swag- her link is on the sidebar and we play random along with her on Tuesdays.)

We're fortunate enough that we do turn down more opps than we accept, but a lot of that is that we lack the time to give our best to a company or the products we are offered just are not a good fit for our blog or our readers and that's where the bitchfest comes in. ;-)

Niche blogs are popular and profitable, but please, if you are going to categorize yourself as a *whatever* then don't offer your readers reviews or giveaways that clearly go against what you say matters to you. In the last few weeks, as I am getting caught up on my sweeping I see no less than 3 blogs who are "green" who are hosting giveaways for things that are not particularly (or even a wee little bit) environmentally friendly. Yeah, I get it - it is cool and nice to get free swag, but really? I am not talking about blogs that are taking baby steps towards becoming more eco-minded and green (as we are, but we don't claim to be your guide to all things natural or whatever, we just say we are trying to replace our habits and choices with better ones when we can).

Here are just a couple of stellar examples:

Nutrition blogs who are offering processed foods. I have nothing against processed foods, in fact we are very loyal to some of them, but again, we don't claim this is a health blog. Oh and healthy food blogs featuring chocolate. I am not talking organic, unprocessed chocolate or even dark chocolate wtih health benefits, but everyday pick up a bar in the checkout line at your handy-dandy mart chocolate. I'm sorry, this is not green, it's not organic, it's not healthy in any way, shape or form. I get the love for chocolate and you will never find us completely out, but I really don't think a healthy living/cooking/recipe blog is where I want to go to find out info on this type of thing.

They have high rankings, I guess, so sponsors apparently don't give a crap if they are a fit or not- I can tell you this for sure because some of the stuff we get pitched by a few clueless pr reps is absolutely ridiculous and neither we nor or readers (all 3 of you) would be the least bit interested.

I will go enter the giveaway if it is something I want, but I can assure you it puts neither the blogger nor the sponsor in a particularly good light. I'd rather find you on a blog with no page rank where the author is not claiming to be pro the exact opposite of what you are promoting than on a high pr blog that goes against the supposed expertise and/or interest of the blogger. There are so very, very many bloggers out there, and while they may not have the traffic of the I'll whore myself out to anyone if there is enough money or swag involved bloggers (NOT MY PEEPS, DUDE, NOT MY PEEPS) I can assure you that they will be way more believable to the target audience of people who might actually be interested in your products. It is apparently too much to ask, but really, if bloggers would only do what fits with their blogs and pr reps would actually read more than the stats page when looking for people to help them promote their products I bet they will get a much, much larger and more loyal fan base of valued consumers.
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