We were going to wait to post this tomorrow for our Win With Us Wednesday because we think no matter how small the act, the fact that so many are pulling together makes us all winners, but decided to post it today instead and just edit it as we find new information.  While money is desperately needed, we are confident in saying we believe all thoughts, prayers, good vibes and well wishes are welcomed. 

We also urge you to share this link and any others you come across to direct people towards ways they can help.  No one can do it alone, but together we can perform miracles.  XOXOX the divas

If you know of any other organizations, companies, etc that we should add, please hook us up and we will add them.  (NON PROFIT ONLY)  *It has been brought to our attention that we're featuring the rockers-  we will be thrilled to add ANYONE from ANY medium or ANY genre if they are doing something to make a difference, this is just what I find in my twit stream and wanderings.  SEND LINKS and we are happy to add them.*
*****We have many readers from around the world and would be especially grateful if you have any links for reputable organizations that are assisting the victims in Japan, we are unfortunately not familiar with them but want to make it easy for all of our fabulous readers to help.*****

As I've stated many times, we're all in this together so don't let anything stop you from doing what good you can.

We here in the Loonyverse are happy to show our support to everyone involved in NON PROFIT relief for Japan.  We despise that we even need to add this warning, but we caution you to beware of unsolicited emails and the newly formed websites asking for donations.  We are posting what we believe to be reliable, dependable and accurate information, you can check out any company before donating by checking the source at such sites as GreatNonprofits, GuideStar, Just Give and Network for Good. to be sure they are doing work you want to donate to and are legitimate.

Whenever possible, we have linked directly to the page to assist Japan.


We snagged this image directly from Lady Gaga's store, because we wanted you to see the lovely, elegant simplicity that shows your support.  We don't know a male or female who wouldn't look more beautiful in our eyes by wearing this and showing that they give a damn.

I have a (very little) bit of cash that I am going to put into our account and purchase some of these myself-  it's not much, but we truly believe it will help.

Amazon:  You can donate the Amazon GC's you have (hopefully you won them or earned them using Swag Bucks as your search engine.

Citizen Effect:  There is a huge deal on twitter (twitplay) to raise funds, the first $100,000 collected will be matched by Google Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt and his wife Wendy.  Yeah, way to maximize your donation!

You may know that we have adopted 5 dogs (mostly rescue or *found*) and a cat has deigned to adopt Kyra and Ian and our pets are family members to us.  I know not everyone feels the same, but they are living, breathing, thinking, feeling beings and they just can't do for themselves in the wake of such devastation as Japan has been hit with.  While we think Freekibble is a wonderful thing at the best of times, today only 3/16-  if they get a million pieces of kibble donated they will double the amount- and 100% goes to Japan. It costs you nothing and does so very much good!  Please, I urge you take a few seconds out of your busy schedule to click and get your friends to do the same.  Liking them on Facebook and Following them on Twitter also adds to the donation.  This is something we all can do-  all it takes is internet access and a wee little bit of compassion.  (I personally think following @halopets and letting them know I appreciate what they are doing is a good thing and just maybe will get others hopping on the bandwagon, but that's up to each individual.)
Head on over to Freekibble and Freekibble Kat and answer the easy trivia question- right or wrong, you are helping!  (p.s. Todays answers are Relief efforts in Japan and Halo will DOUBLE the donation.)

Lady Gaga has designed a Pray for Japan bracelet- the cost is $5 and all proceeds go to Japan relief efforts.  You can make additional donations through her store-  remember it ALL goes to the aid of the victims.

We swiped these images of the t-shirts designed by Mike from Linkin Park from the storefront, aren't they a wonderful way to show our support?
Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park has designed not one but 2 T-shirts (We would be proud to wear either, plus, if you wear them you up your cool factor exponentially-  and it makes you uber sexy- that is our opinion, and you know we wouldn't say it if it wasn't true!  All of that for a mere $25.)  The proceeds go to Music for Relief to help survivors in Japan.  $10 donations can be made by texting MFR to 85944

Nurture My Body is donating 50 cents for every "like" on their facebook page.  JUST ONE CLICK AND YOU ARE HELPING!  Even if you are broke, you can do this.

Simple Plan is donating $10,000 unconditionally and all proceeds from the sale of this t-shirt to relief efforts in Japan. 
I snagged this image from the Simple Plan Foundation website.  How hawt will we be rockin' this look?

Swag Bucks:  You can donate your swagbucks towards the Japan Tsunami and Hurricane Relief Fund.  If you are not already a member there has been no better time to join!  If you use our referral link we will also earn when you earn, and for the foreseeable future all of our points will be donated, but it is not necessary to sign up under us.  The main link is if you already have an account, if not here is our link if you are interested.  It's free to join and very easy.  You can help with as few as 5 Swag Bucks, which you will earn easily the first day. 

United Airlines: You can support Japan by donating your unused frequent flyer miles to the American Red Cross or Operation USA.

Wireless Carriers:  AT&T has made calling Japan free for this month.  Verizon through April 10th.  Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile are all waiving fees for texting donations.  Check with your carrier for specifics.


Amazon:  you can donate directly on Amazon- or use some of those GC's you have won or earned through Swag Bucks to help.

American Red Cross:  Text REDCROSS to 90999 or donate on site.  Thanks for the info, Raven.

AmeriCares: Your support ensures that they can get lifesaving medicine and medical supplies to those in need.

Connect To Charity: The list several reputable organizations, you choose which one gets your donation.

Convoy of Hope:  They hopped on the first available plane and are even now assessing needs and a shipment of urgently needed supplies is en route.

GlobalGiving.Org They distribute funds to provide emergency services to victims.  You can text JAPAN to 50555 to donate $10 or donate on site.

Habitat for Humanity International: Habitat will assess the damages and help where needed.

International Medical Corps: Text MED to 80888 or donate on site.

Lions Club International: They are donating an immediate $1.25 USD (or 100 million Japanese Yen) and are establishing a fund to donate directly to the victims.

MercyCorps: They are working with their partner PeaceWinds and have already helicoptered in Tents, blankets, food and cooking fuel and your donation will be used for immediate and longer term needs of the survivors.

OperationUSA: They are preparing to send emergency aid to Japan.

Red Cross:  Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 or visit site to donate. The American Red Cross has already sent $10 million in aid and will continue to assist.

Salvation Army: Text JAPAN or QUAKE to 80888 to make a $10 donation or donate on site. 

Save the Children: Text JAPAN to 20222 to donate $10 or donate on site.

UNICEF:  Text JAPAN to 864233 to make a $10 donation or donate on site to help the children affected.

World Vision USA: They are already on the ground, assessing needs and distributing relief supplies and they remain for the long haul through the rebuilding.  You can donate on site or text 4japan to 20222 to donate $10.

With much love from the divas-  dddiva, gamer girlie, geeky mommy, mini dddiva, geekazoid, destructo jr. and though he is no diva, Ken also sends his love and best wishes.

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