My Happy List


When I ran across this meme for My Happy List I had to join in. Isn't it a fabulous idea? Hope you want to play along too- if you are playing and leave your link in the comments I'll stop by when I get a chance.

I am happy I have the best family in the world.

I am happy that I am finding a lot of awesome bloggers to visit.

I am happy that my dogs are full of personality as is Kyra's cat- we saw an *expert* and I use the term very loosely- on the boob tube who said that pets don't have emotions or personalities- I guarantee he'd change his tune if he met our menagerie.

I am happy that Dev has a really great boyfriend.

I am so happy that Ian's surgery was textbook perfect w/no complications.

I am happy the blogs seem to be moving to another level.

I am happy to have a lot of variety in my life- from clothing styles to the vast array of wonderful foods to choose from and everything in between.

I am happy for excellent coffee. (I am even happy with pretty good coffee.) I am especially happy that the geekazoid will usually have my first pot ready and waiting for me in the morning so I don't kill anyone because I don't think I'd be happy at all in jail.

I am happy that I am comfortable with who and what I am and don't feel the need to defend myself when self-righteous hypocrites tell me how I am wrong and they are right.

I am happy that I have so very much to be happy about, way too much to list here, 10 is probably enough- and besides, I believe if time permits I'll be playing along again and don't want to have to do repeats. ;)

What makes you happy?  Do share, we can all use a little more happy in  our lives.
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