Menu for week of 3/21 - 3/27

Another week, another menu plan. We're on spring break so may get a chance to play around in the kitchen this week, if so we'll add the (good) recipes- and if we have any epic fail flops like our incredible bouncing bread or anyone blows up anything we'll include those as well, but we won't bother with the meh dishes- life is too short for so-so food!

Here's what our menu looks like so far this week, but as always it's subject to (and probably will) change.

Beef and/or chicken fajitas with all the fixings

Southwest salad made with leftover chicken from fajitas, black beans, corn, avocado, etc

BLT's; cantaloupe; milkshakes or rootbeer floats

Stir fry veggies; brown rice

Breakfast for dinner- Ian's been on a dippy (poached) egg kick so probably that with toast, blueberry muffins or English muffins; sausage; fresh fruit

Almost homemade baked mac & cheese - we start with 3 boxes of Annie's organic (bunnies since Ian will be here) and add a block of cream cheese, stick of butter, can of evaporated milk and any cheese we have laying around at least 3 varieties that are NOT NEON ORANGE PROCESSED CHEESE SPREAD; salad made to order with organic baby spinach and spring greens with fresh fruits, seeds and nuts of choice; balsamic or fruity vinaigrette

Eat whatever doesn't eat you first aka leftovers aka eat what you can find aka eat what you want; fruits and veggies of choice- we are loving that they are tasting fresh once again here in our little loonyverse.

What's on your menu this week- have anything spectacular planned?

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