5 traits every sweeper should have

1. Persistence- sweeping ain't for sissies is a common phrase in the sweeping community.  You have to keep at it if you want a chance at winning.  The more you put your name in the hat so to speak the better your odds are.  A lot of people will start off gung-ho but give up when they see it actually requires hard work.

2. Integrity- there are cheaters in sweeping, as there are in virtually every aspect of life.  Don't give out false info, don't enter for your brother, your uncle, your second cousin twice removed, your late grands or your dog. Don't use automated entries when the rules forbid it.  Don't use someone elses photos and claim them as your own.  Don't do anything that makes you think- gee I wonder if I can get away with it.  Sometimes they (the cheaters) win, and it sucks, but I believe that eventually law of attraction (that which is like is drawn unto itself) will win out in the end or put another way, karma will bite you in the butt.

3. Luck- as in good.  If you think of yourself as a loser, odds are that's what you will be.  Want to win, see yourself winning.  Know it is possible. Read about others' good luck and wins and say hey, if they can do it so can I.  Keep telling this to yourself til you believe it and watch your luck turn around.

4. Common Sense- this should go without saying, but you'd be surprised at how many people lack this basic necessity when it comes to sweeping.  They will enter for any prize they are eligible for, regardless of if they need it or want it or know someone who can use it or can pay taxes on, etc.  If you don't want a used tire from a nascar racecar, pass that sweep on by and leave it for rabid fans who will appreciate it.  Sheesh, there are more than enough sweeps for every taste out there, find the ones to enter that have prizes you can get excited over.

A classic example I see frequently:  I had to turn down a trip win.  It's one thing if there are many prizes and you were hoping for say and Ipod or laptop, but it's quite another when it's a case of I won a trip but had to turn it down and come to find out it is the ONLY prize, it states clearly in the rules that there are no substitions or transfers, etc and the winner hates traveling, can't afford the taxes, *insert any lame reason here* and when someone asks why they entered they say oh I was hoping for a cash option.  That has happened, very occasionally, but not when it was clearly stated in the rules etc.  It especailly sucks when no alternate winner will be chosen, which is also in the rules sometimes, and people don't care they do it anyways.  Why?  Who knows, I sure don't. 

Another time common sense would be useful is when you are burnt out-  for goodness sakes, this is a hobby not a punishment.  Take a break so you can come back excited and refreshed or move onto something that fulfills you.

5. Last but certainly not least, a sweeper needs patience.  This is not a get rich quick scheme or a way to beat the system, it can take months to pay off for some people.  What it is is a chance to try new products and find out about companies, artists etc you might never have known about otherwise, get things for yourself, friends and family that you might not otherwise be able to afford, find new companies, participate in once in a lifetime opportunities like meet and greets with your favorite celebs, walk the red carpet or drive/ride in a pace or race car to name a few, and of course what we all hope- do more than just dream about winning the big one.
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