Totally Random Tuesday: Expecting a Category French Toast snow storm

Ever notice how, when you are expecting particularly bad weather, everyone rushes to the store to buy several weeks worth of eggs, bread and milk. What do you expect to do with that much of it all!?! Surely it will go bad before you can eat it. My dear friend calls it the french toast array, so this snow storm we are expecting is a category french toast.
Skies are still clear, but they have already canceled school because it is supposed to be so bad.
I will die of laughter if it skips us.
Devii might kill me, though. She want's the snow. I think the laugh would be worth it.

Anyways, we are hunkered down for that, Demon Kitty and I are staying at moms (She feeds us) and we got all our errands done ahead of time. Can't say too much else is going on, so I'm just going to wish you all stay warm and safe.

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