Totally Random Tuesday- Baked Good Love, Porn Star Dancin' and ???


Here in the loonyverse, when we have friends who are feeling down, we make baked goods.
Ki started very young- when a friend was having a lousy day, she would make them a big smiley faced chocolate chip cookie and bring it to school.  She moved on to other baked goods, or sometimes a meal.  When her sister was having a particularly rough one she baked her a giant cupcake and decorated it fancy then shoved her face in it.  (We only do things like this to each other, not to people who might not appreciate the gesture.)

We realize they are not a cure-all, and recently, especially, a friend of Dev's has been going through a bad time.  Not a life sucks why do bad things happen to me I'm a teen bad time, but a hideous, wtf this should happen to no one- his baby went to bed happy and content and healthy one night and was dead from sids hours later.  What can you possibly do or say- there is nothing!  The condolences don't help- in fact he told her that her heartfelt it just sucks and it will never make sense meant more than all the I'm so sorry's in the world.

Late night texts and talks and just plain being there whenever he wants/needs someone to talk to is all she can think of to do.  And bringing cookies.  They are awesome oatmeal cookies loaded with goodies but they could taste like cardboard and that would be okay, because the intent was there.  No, the cookies won't help in the grand scheme of things.  Nothing can.  But they will show her friend she gives a damn, that somebody cares about him enough to want to do something nice for him even if it is inadequate. 


Did you ever get a song stuck in your head and it just wouldn't leave?  We do that all the time, so much so, in fact, that if Ian gets tired of listening to something he holds his hands to his ears and says help it's stuck in my head- I don't think he means it the same way we do since he does it when he wants a diff song, but it's adorable.

Usually we have songs from Wicked, or Disney, for a while it was Rent-  anyways- I have a totally inappropriate song in my head now and I know it's awful (well NOT TO ME) but Ha! if you are a prude, you totally won't like it, but it is just so dang catchy, and is the singer not a total hottie?  I would not play this with young children in the room, but for your listening and/or viewing pleasure, My Darkest Days' Porn Star Dancing- the extended, uncensored version w/Ludacris (and of course it has Chad Kroeger and Zakk Wylder is on guitar.)

My Youtube playlist that I am listening to right now is so random (Ha, great for a totally random Tuesday, eh?)-  It has everything from Porn Star Dancing to Pink's So What to Goo Goo Dolls' Iris to Smash Mouth's All Star to 3 Doors Down Kryptonite to Rise Against by Savior to Train's Drops of Jupiter, Calling All Angels and Hey Soul Sister to Billy Idol's Rebel Yell to Ricky Martin's Livin' La Vida Loca to Sophie B. Hawkins Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover to Don Henley's All She Wants To Do Is Dance to Gwen's Rich Girl to some BEPs, Phil Collins' You Can't Hurry Love, *Insert LOTS of RANDOM artists here*, and naturally lots of Nickelback tossed in and we round it out with Genesis' I Can't Dance and one of my faves of theirs-  if you haven't seen it you really must-  Jesus He Knows Me.

Is that not a total riot?  Brings back memories of the lovely Tammy Faye Baker make-up. *grin* 


This got uber-long, but I want to add that we went to Panera yesterday for lunch (Ki was my Valentine, she, Ken and I went and it was soooooo nice, great food and we were able to eat outside! Plus, pastries were 99 cents if you bought a drink with your food - there was soooooooooo much food we brought the pastries home. Thanks, Ki, I <3 you, my Valentine. ;-)


Did you do anything special for Valentine's Day? How do you comfort friends when they are down or in crisis? Is your playlist totally random like mine or do you listen to one style of music/artist/whatever? We'd love to know more about you, so please share.
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