The lazy Idontgiveaflynigf*ck edition


I have the laze. Not sure if it is spring fever, lack of blood or a seriously bad case, in fact the worst case ever of sitonmyassandfritterawaythedayitis. I do know the cure has not yet been found.

(BTW isn't Pan adorable?- you can upload your own pics and put on your own captions over at cuteness overload central aka lolcats/icanhascheezburger.)

So yeah, my get up and go left the building a long time ago and I am trying to find it but no luck so far- and yes I have posted on Craigslist and put up fliers about my missing giveadamn.

Because I don't, really. Don't what? Giveadamn.   Make that WE because all of the divas are afflicted to some extent. 

We don't giveaflyingf*ck if our ass looks fat in this - oh wait, that's a lie, we have the vain and shallow thing going on (well mostly me, but really, all of us do at least a little) but we'll know you aren't a real friend if you don't tell us.

We don't giveaflyingf*ck if you* are a whiny pouty baby when we are not what you need or expect us to be. Take it or leave it.  Go right ahead and point fingers and cast blame and try to turn others against us with your* lies because we don't giveaflyingf*ck- anyone who believes your* bullsh*t is not anyone we need to impress.

We don't giveaflyingf*ck that you think our music, language, lifestyle, parenting, spirituality, *insert anything you like here* choices are inappropriate.  Your little world of perfect would bore us to death in about 5 minutes flat.  

We don't giveaflyingf*ck that you think you are so much better than we are. As the old saying goes, those of us who really are superior are really annoyed by those of you who think you are.

We don't giveaflyingf*ck that you* think we are cold-hearted b*tches.  Sometimes we are. And we don't think that's a bad thing.  Hence posts like this.  We're not the perfect blogger(s) *gasp* and what's worse, we don't want to be.  Not gonna slap a happy sticker on the blog and pretend there are parts of life that don't suck. 

We don't giveaflyingf*ck that you* are offended when our opinions are different than yours.  Lighten up, it doesn't make you right or wrong, or us right or wrong, it means we're not clones (except maybe the mini diva) and that the world is a diverse and wonderful place.

We don't giveaflyingf*ck that your* beliefs are different than ours.  In fact, we're happy to share and learn from you*, but NOT when you* tell us we're going to a place we don't believe in if we don't change our views to yours*.  If that works for you*, great, but that doesn't mean we or anyone who doesn't happen to agree with you* has to buy into the same theory.  (And if you* really believe that way, then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do as you are instructed and judge not lest ye be judged.) 

We don't giveaflyingf*ck if you* like this post or not, it wasn't written with your* opinion in mind.  It was written to reiterate that we're all in this life together and we all (yes, including ourselves here) need to lighten up and quit taking everything so seriously.  Everyone has the same end goal in mind- to get through this lifetime as best we can being the greatest version of ourselves possible and trying to find joy and happiness along the way-  live and let live, peeps, and remember, no one gets out alive.

*you and your are not directed at any one person, stop being so paranoid and thinking we meant you when we wrote this.  We didn't.  Or we did and you have every right to be paranoid.  It's your choice.  That's the best thing about this life-  WE ALL GET TO MAKE OUR OWN CHOICES ABOUT WHAT WE BELIEVE.  How liberating is that?

XOXOX dddiva writing on behalf of all the divas
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