AHH! Cliffhangers!

After waiting for what seemed very much like forever, the fourth book in one of my favorite series came out- Kristen Britain's Green Rider. I recommend it to, well, pretty much everyone. It is a great, very original story, with a heroine I absolutely love. She is strong willed and capable, but she isn't haughty about it. She is in fact rather modest, a very reluctant hero indeed, wanting to just go back to her life as a merchants daughter.

But that life was, oh, three books ago.

I was lucky enough to get the book the day it came out, but thanks to some life insanity (I was the cause of a riot! ...Don't ask.) I got a late start on it... and didn't stop until I was done. It's really that good, absolutely gripping you. Britain has an amazing ability to pace things just right... just when you might explode from tension, she drops to a more humorous side character, or builds an entirely different sort of intensity in a side plot (Hmm, do I want something trying to eat me, or the deepest of treason?) and all is done in a way that keeps you turning the pages until your eyes are dry and heavy and you are about ten pages past the point where you said you just can not read any more.

There is one thing I hate though, the ending.

Usually, I am not one to spoil endings. I HATE spoilers!

But in this case, I think you need to know...

You ready for it?

The ending is....



Ms. Britain, on the off chance that you see this, I love your work, it is amazing and gripping and wonderful, the perfect example of what a heroine should be. All your characters are dynamic, and you paint your fantasy world so realistically. My sister and I sit and debate what is going to happen, who will she marry, who will the other person marry, who will you be cruel and kill and off next? But right now, I hate you. Just a little. You are a cruel, vile, wicked mistress. A worse seductress than any sea-witch with your words and now you leave me cold and alone with more questions than when I opened the book. I love you. I hate you. I love you. Please keep writing.
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