Why Some Prayers Are Answered And Not Others - Abraham-Hicks

Prayers of gratitude are the healthiest praying going on.

[This does not mean getting] on your knees [and] pleading for something to be different than it is.

It is not the function of prayer that provides the solution, it is the attitude from which you pray.

There is a difference in the way one prays. You can pray from fear, which means you are not letting in what you are asking for. Or you can pray from a place of hope, which means you are letting a little more of it in. Or you can pray from a place of belief, which is letting in even more of it. Or you can pray from a place of knowing, which means it is, even now.

That's why prayers of appreciation are the most powerful prayers because when you pray for something that you are already appreciating, you activate the vibration that let's all the good stuff in.

When you pray from your fear, your words are futile. But it is not because you are not being heard, and it is not because you are not answered, it is because you are holding yourself in a place vibrationally apart from your own answer.

[reworded for clarity]
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