A Random Post About Hot Dogs

I was going to post our mashed potato frosted meatloaf with cheese recipe but hot dogs is what is coming out of the brain and fingers, so hot dogs it is.

Ever since we hosted a house party for Oscar Mayer, the only hot dogs the divas will eat is Oscar Mayer Angus. They are a different flavor, a different texture and well- just superior in every way. We've tried other brands of Angus hot dogs since OMs are the most expensive ones around here, but the others lack that something something so we would rather go without or eat them less often if we can't get the Oscar Mayer Angus dogs.  (No, Oscar Mayer isn't sponsoring this post, we just really find them that good.)

We do many different toppings, depending on the mood, do you guys do that too?  A lot of people I know eat them the same way every time and think we are odd, but I think they are the odd ones because they are missing out on so many different things.

I personally will eat them almost any way but the one thing mine always have is mustard.  Here are some of the ways the divas like our Oscar Mayer Angus Hot dogs- maybe you can get some new ideas-  or tell us some of yours.

Very fave, grilled on a charcoal grill to perfection, almost but not quite burned; if we can't have them that way we prefer them made on the griddler, broiled or fried.  Never boiled - ewwwwww!

Straight out of the fridge cold, no bun, no bread  (Ian and the dogs- sometimes Dev)
Cut up in mac & cheese
Sliced up and baked into corn muffins (kind of like make your own corn dogs without the deep fry action)

On a bun or bread, toasted or not-
Just mustard (Gulden's, occasionally sweet hot, dijon or Hellmann's Dijonaisse)
Just mayo (Hellmann's or Best, depending on what part of the country we are living in, or myo mayonnaise)
Just ketchup (Heinz)
Any combo of two or all 3 of the aformentioned condiments
Any of the condiments or combo thereof with sweet pickle relish
Mustard and sauerkraut
Mustard, ketchup, sauerkraut and onion (only if the dogs are split and friend in the pan with butter, the onions and the kraut)
Mustard, chili (no beans), cheese and cole slaw
Mustard, chili, cheese and diced onion
Mustard, chili, cheese and caramelized onion
Chili sauce (the red stuff in the jar- Heinz makes it or the myo version)
Mustard and bread & butter pickles

I think I know what I am having for lunch.  How do you like to eat your hot dogs?  If you don't care for them- give the Oscar Mayer Angus ones a try, you just might change your mind, they are not like other hot dogs.

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