Worms In Dirt Graveyard

We used a standard Worms in dirt recipe and made it in a square baking dish then added a few extras to turn it into a haunted graveyard.

Worms in Dirt

1 small pack instant chocolate pudding
2 cups milk
1 small container non-dairy whipped topping
1 pkg chocolate sandwich cookies
1 pkg gummy worms
Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies
Ghost shaped Peeps

Make up pudding according to directions, let stand 5 minutes.
Fold in whipped topping.
Crush sandwich cookies in zip top bag or food processor.
Put a thin layer of crushed cookies on bottom of clear square baking dish. Top with about 1/2 of pudding mixture, some scattered worms a small layer of cookies and then top with remaining cookies.
Add Milano cookies (Dev wrote RIP, U R next, etc on them with edible marker) to resemble tombstones and some Ghost Peeps then scattered a few more worms.

Delicious, fun and easy.

We made a little mini one for her to take with her lunch using the 100 calorie pack Keebler choco covered grahams as the tombstones.

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