Totally Random Tuesday - Despondent Versus Melancholy

Ian's been obsessed with Zombies lately--how cool is that to have a 4 year old totally into zombies?  Gah, he's so darn cute singing the theme from Plants vs. Zombies- maybe we'll try to get a video of that soon.

Anyhoo, today Dev was thinking about words and wanting to know which I preferred today, despondent or melancholy (she was on doing click a simile, click a simile, etc).

To me, despondent is without hope and melancholy is kinda having the blues/blahs, so what pops into my head but this fantabulous superific metaphor-  what do y'all think?  I've got a great career as a metaphor thinker-upper, eh?

Despondent is when you have no hope of being zombie food (aka no brain--hope, in the metaphor).

Melancholy is when the zombies won't eat your brains because they're the wrong flavor.

So, while I hope and hope I am melancholy, the little divas would argue that I am despondent.  (Or as Casey used to do-  takes the hand, puts atop the head, and says "Brain sucker... -choking sound-... Oops, died of malnutrition.")

Or maybe I am just f*ckedupiter  (yes, it is a real word; we made it up ourselves! It means more f*cked up than your everyday average screw up).
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