No offense, but...

Every time I hear this, I brace myself to be offended. It can be hard to both convey how you really feel, and not hurt peoples feelings... but some people swing a bit to far in the wrong direction, and just end up offending more people.

I won't name names, because I don't want to start a blog war or anything, but there is one group of people that really made me irate about it... and I'm not all that easy a person to offend.

They have the word witches in their name- I thought cool, I don't know if they really ARE witches, or are just being cutesy, but either way, that works. (For anyone who may have missed the notice, I'm a witch. Only sometimes do you replace the "w" with a "b".) So I checked out their site, and they had a little disclaimer on their about us...

It went on to say how they aren't REALLY witches, okay, no problem there. Add on that they are good christian people, and toss in a list of very discriminatory stereotypes to say they do NOT do this that or the other both in the wicked witch sense and some that are clearly more pagan/wiccan/etc based... okay, now I'm ticked off. They neither practice nor condone witchcraft. This is the part where I hit irate... and I would have hit it whether it was my belief system or not.

Why did they have to go and do that? Simply saying "About our name- we thought it was cute and went with it!" would have sufficed. Was there any reason to put the rest of it? Sure, I get that they didn't want to offend other christians, but why dis other people in the process? I know you've seen me rant many times before on peoples rights, in general, and this is exactly what I am talking about. It's not always the big things... it is the little things that lead people to believe that it is OKAY to hate someone who is not like you. These small acceptances are what enable the big catastrophes, and yeah, I'm sick of it.

Can someone please explain to me, why people think it is okay?
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