Hearing what Source is telling you - Abraham-Hicks

When we listen to ourselves, we often hear (in our heads) the negatives that we learned from our upbringing and just life experiences in general.  We hear things that our Source (whatever you believe or choose to label it) would NEVER, EVER say or think about us- mainly that in some way we aren't good enough or aren't worthy enough).

I absolutely love what Abraham has to say about it, so I have decided to make it a habit to read at least once in the morning and once in the evening and trying to remember it as often as possible during the day. 

Without further ado, here is Abraham's take on it:

We think it would be a wonderful thing in the way that you mean hypnosis to be so actively aware of the vibration of Source that we just went right to it. In other words, if you were following the suggestions of your Inner Being, if you had practiced yourself subject by subject, leaning by leaning, fork by fork, into vibrational alignment with how your Source feels about you, in every moment, Oh what a hypnotic trance that would be!

You would walk around and you would be saying, whether you say it out loud or you say it to yourself, "I am a wonderful Being. There is nothing that I cannot achieve. The world addresses itself to me always in positive ways. Everything always works out magnificently for me. I live a charmed life. Things are supposed to and always do, go well for me. Seas part for me. I have the resources of the Universe at my disposal. I live in an environment where I am inspired to a new thought. And as soon as I give birth to it, things align in order to bring me the actualization or the manifestation of it. I am an extension of Source Energy. I am God in a physical body and I am good. And because I am good, good things come to me. And if I am sick it is temporary because it is natural that I be well. And if I am not abundant of things that are important to me, it is temporary because it is natural that I be abundant. And there is nothing that I am supposed to do, but all kinds of things that I want to do."

If you were listening to the hypnotic voice of your Source, you’d be constantly hearing the drum beating that says, "You are loved, and you are worthy, and you are valued and life is suppose to be good for you. You are worthy, you are valued, you are loved and life is supposed to be good for you."

We want nothing more, than for you to begin listening for and train yourself into the vibrational hypnotic trance of Source Energy who knows your value.

Did you get goosebumps reading this.  Do you know deep down that this is how we are meant to live and feel that this is a gentle reminder?  That's what happened when I saw it.  It's okay if you don't, we're all at different places in our lives and that's a wonderful thing, but I think even if you don't feel this yet, it can't help but give you hope, at least a little bit.
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