Somebody's Watching Me- Creepy Eyes Stuffed Mushrooms

I always feel like... somebody's watching me. And now I have all those creepy stalker songs ie: Every Breath You Take, Hello, Follow You Home, I will follow, etc...- running through my head. Eww.

Regardless, geeky mommy has done it again with a super simple recipe that accidentally turned into a Halloween treat.

She found some larger mushrooms on clearance and picked them up and though she didn't have anything in particular in mind they needed to be used up fairly quickly.

She cleaned them and removed the stems and stuffed with some boursin cheese we had gotten a couple of weeks ago- also on clearance- I really LOVE our Kroger!

There happened to be a couple fairly close together on the pan and so *aha* ooh creepy eyes hmm now what would work and ta-da some pimento stuffed olives do the job beautifully. (As the mushrooms were large we used the whole olives rather than slices, but really it is the idea that matters, you can use any number of things.)

*Although we used boursin cheese we often season our own cream cheese for stuffed mushrooms with garlic salt or powder and Parmesan and whatever herbs or spices we are in the mood for, but I think almost any stuffing would work.

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