Cubed Steak & Potato Pouches

This is super easy, yummy and was one thing my mom made that we still like.

Hehe sorry but mama just didn't inherit the desire or talent to cook like gramma.
Cubed Steak & Potato Pouches

  • 1 per packet Cubed steak (partially frozen will insure tenderness)
  • 1 per packet Potato, thinly sliced, peeled or thin skinned
  • 1 pat per packet Butter
  • Onion, thinly sliced
  • Seasoning blend
  • 1 sheet per packet Heavy duty foil (rapid release works great)
  • Ketchup or steak sauce
Cooking Directions
  1. On heavy duty foil, shiny side up place one cubed steak, still partly frozen
  2. Add one potato, thinly sliced - if they are red or yukon gold you can leave the peels on, otherwise peel them.
  3. As much onion as you want (or leave this off for miss picky pants).
  4. A generous blop of butter.
  5. Your favorite seasoning- I like some of the Mrs. Dash Blends, Jane's Crazy Mixed Up Salt, Tony's Creole Seasoning or Montreal Steak Seasoning myself, you can find quite a few myo seasoning blend recipes here.
  6. Wrap these up, sealing tightly and either toss on a hot grill flipping after 20 min(not directly over hot coals) or place on a baking sheet and bake at 350 for about 40-45 minutes or until potatoes are tender and steaks cooked but not tough.
  7. Enjoy.
We serve these with ketchup or A-1 depending on who they are for, or both if you are me.  Oh unless you are Ken then you just use so much salt the rest of us get dehydrated just watching you shake it on.) ;-)

A thought we had tonight was that baby carrots would make a fabulous addition but of course I didn't think of that til they were halfway cooked.

I know a lot of people have foil meals-  or hobo packets-  I'd like to try a wider variety-  what are some of your faves?

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  1. Had this tonight for supper. My 7-yo said he wanted me to cook this again before he ate half his plate.