Dentyne mega review & giveaway.

As previously mentioned, we're gum chewers here so were delighted to receive 3 of the new Dentyne containers - they are limited edition images by artist Anthony Yankovic - you can see his work here on his site.

First off-  the gum is not new, just the container, so it is a given the gum is as fab as always.

We have all given them a thumbs up, with a minor caveat.

The designs are bright, bold and colorful-  hip,trendy and totally now, the teens and early 20's especially find them awesome.

The size is wonderful-  perfect to fit in the cupholder of your vehicle and/or toss in your backpack/purse/diaper bag.

Since the lid can either be completely opened or just a small opening perfect for shaking out a piece or two of gum the container is very versatile.

The lid stays on tightly so when the littlest diva pops the container into her backpack she doesn't have to worry about it getting smooshed or icky as sometimes happens.  The large containers are especially good while she's in so many activities-  the musical and quizbowl are the current ones she's in several times a week and so she is assured of having plenty to share- each pack holds 60 pieces.  (And if you have been around them much you know with the play especially-  some of those she's up close and personal with-  minty fresh gum is a really good thing.)

For those into recycling (and who isn't these days?) one thing that came immediately to mind is they would be perfect if I were still in the northeast and doing a lot of driving where the quartereaters are out to get you.
If you don't know what I am talking about-  there are an awful lot of toll roads and you can zip on by them a lot quicker if you have exact change or tokens so you don't have to get in a long line, just toss the amount into a bucket and be on your merry way.  Not sure what they are really called everyone I know calls them quartereaters. ;-)

Where we ran into a problem is if you aren't very careful when opening (and we weren't with the first) you will rip the artwork and instead of just removing the safety part, we tore up the artwork.  Oops.  So, one of our containers has the artwork completely off, and a second, though we were careful, has a small tear that gets a little worse with wear-  it will last a while, but we can see it not lasting forever, especially if miss fidgety mindlessly picks at it as she occasionally has a tendency to do.

Overall we are impressed and will be buying them again-  and being the shallow divas that we are, if we aren't in the mood for a specific type of gum, (and since we buy in bulk, and often buy several varieties at a time) yes, we'll choose the pretty packaging.  It's what we do. ;-) 

From the site:Dentyne® is amust-have socializing essential that allows socially addicted consumersto practice safe breath for the confidence to make a close connectioninstantly.  Dentyne® premium badge edition bottles, a first in the U.S.gum category, come in twelve bold, badgy, limited edition designs forthree flavors—Peppermint, Spearmint and Arctic Chill™.  The bottles,designed by artist Anthony Yankovic, are especially appealing to youngadults who love socializing.  Anthony previously produced limitededition designs for trend and badge-driven categories like Apparel,Skateboard and Snowboards.

THE GIVEAWAY: 1 lucky reader will win 3 packs (one of each flavor) of Dentyne Gum in the new premium badge edition bottles.  Open to US residents 13+ ends 2/14 at 11:59pm CST.

Main entry: this one is easy- tell me what you think of the new bottles or where you think you would use them for socializing.

Want more?  The main entry is all you need for a chance to win, but you can find out how to get additional entries into our giveaways here.

We received 3 packs of gum from Dentyne as part of a mega review as a contributor for Pink Lemonade of Life so that we could do the review- the opinions expressed are ours and were in no way swayed because we received a sample.  You can read the other reviews here.
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It's party time- are you ready for some football? Old El Paso review & giveaway

Even if you aren't a super huge sports nut, chances are if you are in the US, you are going to be watching some football come February 7th.

According to research 61% of adults will be watching the big game-  and since neither of my teams (Pats and Steelers) are playing this year, I'll say- I hope the Saints make it-  I did live in Louisiana for 10 years after all, and 3 of the divas were born there,so there is some small sense of loyalty.

We used to have a big party but lately we just kick back at home.  Regardless of what you do, food is a HUGE part of the festivities.  HUGE!  And when my teams aren't playing, pretty much all I care about-  sad but true. ;-)

This year thanks to My Blog Spark and Old El Paso, our menu will be spiced up some.

Truth be told, I've used Old El Paso diced green chilies for...  as long as I've been cooking with chilies. 

My Blog Spark sent me a Tackle The Taste pack which included 2 cans of Old El Paso diced green chilies, a football shaped serving dish and paper goods.

This gave me the perfect excuse to make a big old pot of Taco Soup (the first time I've ever tried to make it at home- it's one of those things we like to get out but never made ourselves for some reason-  it's really easy and delish)  we kind of winged it and added things that sounded good willy-nilly like we do.

One of the things I really like about Old El Paso chilies is that they really pack a punch flavor wise, but not a lot of heat.  I love spicy foods but not the burn the roof of your mouth off kind of spice, just jam-packed with flavor.  My kids eat them, always have, as does Ian, and a couple of them don't like any flavor *waves hi to Blondie* err I mean any spice at all, so you don't have to worry about keeping the good stuff out of your recipes or making separate batches.

Old El Paso green chilies are a great addition to your Mexican or Tex-Mex inspired dishes.

For more ideas, check out these quick (with a prep time ofless than 30 minutes each!) and delicious recipes that incorporate OldEl Paso Green Chiles and will have your fans cheering for more!  (These are not my recipes, but are part of the info I can include in my review.)


Green Chile Dip
Green Chile Cornbread
Taco Nachos
Black Bean Dip
Slow Cooker Salsa Chili
Seven-Layer Bean Dip
Skillet Nacho Chili
Southwestern Dip

Sounds fabulous, right?  Here's a coupon for you to receive $ .55 off of one can of Old El Paso chilies -  you can print it off today and make your dinner livelier tonight.

Guess what?  The generous folks at My Blog Spark and Old El Paso are also going to give one of our readers a Tackle The Taste prize pack of their own.

THE GIVEAWAY:  One lucky reader will receive a Tackle The Taste Prize Pack which includes a football shaped ceramic serving platter, table runner, paper plates, napkins and two cans of Old El Paso Green Chiles.  Open to US residents 18+ ends 1/26 at 11:59pm CST.

Main Entry- tell me your fave Superbowl snack (or party snack if you aren't a football fan) OR what you might like to make using the Old El Paso chilies if you win.

Want more?  The main entry is all you need for a chance to win, but you can find out how to get additional entries into our giveaways here.

I received a Tackle the Taste prize pack to review as part of My Blog Spark and they will be sending an identical pack to the winner.  The opinions expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by receiving the sample.  No additional compensation was received for this review.

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Sustainable kids review and giveaway, help for Haiti

A bit before Christmas we received a wonderful package from Sustainable Kids to review, their clothing is available at solne (kids 5-12) or A Green Wardrobe / Greenedge Kids. As most of you know, our life went upside down so things kind of got away from us... I'm pretty sure I already typed a review, but my computer ate it  so here we go again!

~Sustainable Kids is not just another organic, eco-friendly company.  Their money, time, compassion and passion is definitely where their mouths are.  My first post had a lot of info on what they are doing around the globe and the Open Door Haiti School, but as you'll see when you read further, right now there are more urgent needs.~

The first thing I noticed, of course... the clothes are adorable!  Stylish and up to date but not so trendy they won't be wearable with your next child.  Most of it was for girls, so we gave it to my little cousin Ophelia. Her Mama oohed and squealed over it! Some of the pieces I -really- want in GeekyMommy sizes =)  They have changed it up for the approaching warmer months so they don't have the jacket I want to link you, but they do have some other adorable options, including a cutesie tunic and skirt.

*Here are a couple of samples of what is currently available.*

The second thing I notice is quality. I will not waste money on something my son will wear through in a day... trust me, if it isn't made well, he will rip it by looking at it. He is ROUGH on his clothing!  But this is sturdy, no loose seems, high quality and wonderful.

The third thing I noticed was some extra cardboard... another box. Upon further inspection, I saw this box was a wonderful, marvelous, postage-paid way to remove your excuse not to help people. This box is for you to donate anything that might be needed- toys, shoes, toiletries, anything- to those who need it. A wonderful philanthropic effort! I will be sending mine off soon, I'll let you know what I fill it with when I'm done (waiting on payday!)

On that note, perhaps it is a good thing I didn't post this before, because now I can add this. We have all heard about the tragedy in Haiti. Sustainable kids is already acting to do what they can, and instead of trying to paraphrase I will just copy what she sent Mom

To our friends who want to be able to help in this time of need.

RESCUE WORK- our partner organization will be assisting monetarily through established relief organizations in the area during the first week or two when things are critical from a medical standpoint. 100% of any funds donated go directly to relief and rescue work.
You can make any financial donation, even as small as $25 directly through our partner organization:  Open Door Haiti
Or you can send a check of any amount, to their address below.

SUPPLIES DONATIONS - the needs for basic items are vast, and only worsened in wake of this disaster.

You can send items directly to Open Door Haiti US for immediate disbursement to those in need.
Most needed: Shoes, First Aid supplies, Personal care items, Vitamins and Clothing.
Send directly to: Open Door Haiti/U.S. 5070 Orange Blvd. Sanford, FL. 32771
Thank you for your support in this time of crisis.
- Sustainable Kids

We urge you to spend a little time at the Open Door Haiti site and check out their efforts- this is not a band-aid slapped on but an ongoing long term plan for a hand up. 

On to the giveaway.  Sustainable Kids has generously offered to give an Our Loonyverse reader 2 outfits, 1 for a boy  and 1 for a girl.  One winner will receive both outfits in their choice of sizes, if you don't have a boy and girl yourself you can pass whatever you don't need along to a friend or relative, donate it or give it away on your own blog if you like.  The outfits sent will depend on what is available at the time but you will love love love them, of that I am certain. Maia is an absolute delight to work with and she will hook you up.

***From Dddiva-  I have never exchanged more positive, uplifting, joyful emails than I received from Maia- every time I saw one in my inbox my spirits soared, there is that much passion and energy radiating through an electronic message-  truly amazing, and we are honored to have been chosen to work with Sustainable Kids.***

THE GIVEAWAY:  One lucky reader will receive 2 (2 piece) outfits, one for a boy, one for a girl to be chosen based on availability at the conclusion of the giveaway.  Open to US Residents 18+ ends 2/2 at 11:59pm CST.
Main entry:  Head on over to solne &/or A Green Wardrobe or Greenedge Kids and tell me your fave item (doesn't have to be kids clothing, poke around and check out all the fab things they have to offer.  Easy peasy.
Want more?  The main entry is all you need for a chance to win, but you can find out how to get additional entries into our giveaways here.

BONUS ENTRIES:  for 3 extra entries, go to Open Door Haiti and tell us something you learned about what they are doing.

We received several articles of clothing so we could do this review and giveaway.  The opinions expressed are ours and were in no way swayed because we received samples.
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Wordless Wednesday - Christmas 2009

Between operator error and camera issues we got very few pictures for Christmas but here are a few that aren't too terribly hideous.  Mostly. ;-)

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What is it they say about good intentions- yeah I'm speeding rapidly towards h*ll

Ugh.  So our weekend sucked.  Aside from freezing half to death and the central heat not working-  luckily we have space heaters-  which we used on frozen pipes which unfortunately when they thawed out burst.  We were supposed to get the central heat fixed Monday.  Guess what has to wait now?

Thank God Ken's mom lives right down the road so we can do laundry & showers and have water to drink, make coffee, brush teeth, flush etc.

Unfortunately when Ken finally got the stuff to fix the pipes that finally defrosted he jumped the gun and turned the water on too soon (before it was sealed tight) which he also did with the leaking gas in the car- repeatedly-  UMM yeah take his icky boy badge away til he gets it right!!!

So not only does it have to dry out before he can try again, it also overflowed one of the bathrooms.  Yeah, good times.  NOT!

Luckily he was able to take vacation days today and tomorrow to deal with it, otherwise y'all no matter how far away would be able to see the smoke coming out of my ears and the bolts out of my eyeballs.

YES, I'M PISSY.  So sue me.  I try not to be but dammit enough already.

Eventually I'll get back to real blogging.  Maybe.  Someday.  Or not.  At this point I just want all my stuff working right so we can get back to whatever semblance of normalcy we pretend to have around here.
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Aloha Friday- How do you motivate yourself?

Kailani over at An Island Life started this fun thing for Fridays-  ask a simple question and then hop around to see what others are asking so we can pretty much take a break from the routine and chillax on Fridays.
As you can tell I've been a little tooooooo lax lately with the blog etc even though the holidays are now officially over (the 6th was the 12th day of Christmas) so there really is NO excuse for being in slow mo-  well except for the dang cold...  It's freakin' freezing here in Arkansas.

This is NOT my question but someone on tv or something mentioned Bumf*ck Egypt and Dev had never heard it before and it got us wondering where/how that originated as the classic middle of no freakin' where place-  any trivia buffs know the answer?

So my question is:  How do you motivate yourself when you just want to hibernate or find things I *need* to do around the house (or play on Facebook) etc?  We totally got off track due to family drama (which is NOT the kind of drama queens we are, tyvm) and the holidays and I am just not wanting to get back into the swing of things.

For me-  I give myself permission to get by with the *if this doesn't get done we won't eat or have anything to wear* and set a deadline to get back into the swing of things.  My deadline is Monday which- if I haven't gotten some reviews and giveaways and dropped some EC by then feel free to kick my butt.

The reason I don't just do them now and get over myself is that if I do whatever I do will be half-*ssed at best and that's not fair to anyone- better to wait until I can get myself into gear and give my best.
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GeekyMommy Vs. 2010: round 1

As most of you know, last year was hectic for everyone, and downright disastrous for some...
Namely, me.
I left my husband, have been stuck living with my mom (love ya pretty lady!) and just can't go more then one paycheck without a miniature disaster or worse. The end of the year was the real butt kicker; My ex had lied to me, and without getting into much details the result is he currently has custody of my boy. This... does not work for me. I've determined for this to be a year of changes, all for the better. Here are a few goals;

Get something published. Be it a book, lyrics, poetry, back of a serial box I don't care, something published.

Get a new job. I'm applying for one at a hospital as a nurses aid that would be a dream job, wish me luck.

Move out. This one goes with the job thing. If all goes really well, maybe I will even buy a slightly decrepit old house to fix up, which goes with my next, last, biggest goal;

Learn something new every day. Yep, one new thing, every day, 365 days. Though, it will probably be more like three or four one day, nada the next. But still, 365 skills.  I'm going to try to figure out how to connect two blog (moreso then just another link) or make it like a second page, and catalog my experience here for you all to read (without hijacking moms blog). I'm going to learn everything from making paper and changing oil to fire breathing and plumbing. If anyone has any ideas I will need a lot more to make it the whole year!

Right now my biggest challenge is laziness. I laze a lot. Excessively, even. It's much worse without my boy... I just sit around not knowing what to do with myself. I can't make myself get up and do what I have to do, I just mope. And moping simply does not suit me. Hopefully I can figure this out and get back to my busy self... any tips on that would be appreciated too.
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2010 Win List - 120 prizes received so far

 So the year has been pretty great prize wise so far, although my brother keeps asking why I haven't won our vacation yet-  hear that Universe?  We're ALL ready for me to head back to Florida- or some other awesome destination.  ;-)  I'd say we're doing pretty well-  last year we received 165 prizes (that we can remember- got lax in writing them down)  oops- you can see our 2009 win list here if you like.

Do you enter contests, sweeps and giveaways?  What have you been winning lately?  Keep us posted, we'd LOVE to celebrate with you.  If you don't enter- it is a wonderful, profitable hobby- here's my quicky guide to getting started that'll get you set up and winning super fast.

$250 Visa GC

Wilton Brownie Prize Pack

$50 Target GC

Lego Pirate Set

Curious George Prize Pack

$10 Starbucks GC

$5 Starbucks GC

Veggie Tales DVD Pistashio

Alexa's Angel's Necklace

$5 Subway GC

$100 Walmart GC

Heart Shaped Pan


Blackberry Bold 9700

$15 Quiznos GC

Bare Escentuals Starter Kit

(2) Goodreads- book


(2) Book

Amy's Kitchen prize pack

Cover Girl Smoky Eye Kit

Clinique Superdefense SPF 25 Age Defense Moisturizer

Hershey's singing candy dish

1 yrs worth of chocolate milk

$25 Fandango GC


Nature Valley prize pack

$5 Wendy's GC

Intelligent Nutrients Prize Pack

Comic Con prize pack

Pert Plus Prize Pack

Life Jacket

Twilight prize pack

Mood Lighting prize pack

Office Supplies prize pack

Gourmet bread & soup mixes

$1,000 Visa GC

$20 GC Jean Machine

P&G Spring Cleaning Gift Pack

Lenox Peeps Egg Platter (replacement for basket they were out of stock)

Protect A Bed Mattress Cover

(2) Book

Ghiradelli Chocolates

$25 Family Dollar GC $10 GC

Disney Family Travel Survival Kit

Neutragena Prize Pack (Emma Roberts Cover Look)

Mixed Case Fruit20

Lovin' Scoopful Prize Pack


Saco Prize Pack

Dove Nourishment Kit

Hello Kitty MP3 player & dock

Community Coffee Gift Set

Cheer free product coupon

Ecomom Sunscreen Wipes


Star Necklace

Bamboo T-shirt

Build - A - Bear Dragon

Dr. Perricone Cold Plasma

$30 Kroger GC


$60 CSN GC

Vtech Reader

Johnsonville Prize Pack

Sidral Mundet Prize Pack

Free product coupon Popsicles

Wanchai Ferry Prize Pack


1 year Every Day with Rachael Ray subscription

$100 Visa GC

Martha Stewart Everyday Food Cookbook

2 Stainless water bottles


Dr Perricone Prize Pack

$60 CSN GC

Mead Writing Fundamentals Prize Pack

1 year Taste Of Home Subscription


Reusable Tote

$10 Buckle GC

2 Gortons free product coupons

Lindt prize pack

Reusable Tote

$10 GC


General Mills Prize Pack

$10 Wendy's GC

Organic Reusable Tote

Color Changing T-shirt

Canning For A New Generation Cookbook

Organic Stuffed Panda

2 Gortons Free Product Coupons

M&M's Free Product Coupon

Barilla Free Product Coupons

Coke Rewards Codes


Sidran Mundat Prize Pack

Learning Curve Thomas Set


$25 American Express GC

Lawry's Prize Pack

$25 PayPal

$50 American Express GC

$50 Visa GC

Live, Laugh, Love Bracelet

Organic Stuffed Panda

French Toast Prize Pack - 2 pants, 1 shorts, 2 polos, 1 jacket

Evening Gown

Gourmet Picnic Basket

Trading Cards Set

Thomas Set

Ceramic Knife

Case Lindsay Olives

Tinkerbell Prize Pack


Bistro MD meal plan (28)

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HAPPY NEW YEAR Welcome 2010 myspace graphic comments

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for supporting our blog in 2009.

We've had our ups and downs, and the end of the year kind of knocked us for a loop but we hope that the new year brings new friends, new opportunities and renewed spirits.

We really appreciate all of our awesome sponsors and loyal readers- especially those of you who stuck with us even when we had to take little mini breaks to deal with those knocks upside the head.

While we could have pushed and rushed to put things on our blog we chose to wait until we could do justice to the posts, reviews and giveaways we have committed to and hope that our generous readers and sponsors understand and that you all will continue to visit and enter.

Here's wishing you a marvelous and blessed 2010 filled with love, health, happiness, wealth and as much joy as you can stand.

Love to all,
Sherry aka dddiva
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