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The winner as chosen by is Janice- congratulations.

My very favorite soup in the world is, hands-down, New England clam chowder. It's the ultimate comfort food for me, buuut... your traditional chowder has roughly twelve bazillion calories (give or take)--not exactly the healthiest stuff out there.

Well, now Progresso has made a Light version--although I don't follow the Weight Watchers diet (or any other, for that matter), I was pleased to know that a serving of their Light clam chowder is only 1 WW point! When we received a can to review, I was excited to try it, if not a bit skeptical.

If you've ever tried your average diet soup, they tend to be... well, flat-out nasty. I've poured more than one variety down the sink because I just couldn't stomach it.

I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted the Progresso Light Clam Chowder. While it was definitely not a full-flavor or full-fat soup, it's definitely a good food if you're trying to lose weight. While I'm probably going to stick to my regular eighteen-zillion-calorie stuff, I'll definitely recommend this to anyone who's trying to lose weight.

Progresso also has other Light, Reduced Sodium, and High Fiber soups available to try. Something I'm pretty excited about is Progresso New World Recipes, made with authentic Mexican seasonings.

Have you seen the hilarious commercials they have running where they call Progresso asking for gramma?  We have some editing to do but we'll be adding a link here for your enjoyment of our rendition soon, so be on the lookout. ;-)

Progresso is also kind enough to sponsor a giveaway for you guys. You can win a prize pack with two VIP coupons for Progresso soups, a spoon rest, a soup can rack, and an adorable soup mug with a matching spoon.

THE GIVEAWAY:  1 lucky reader will win the prize pack listed above.  Open to US residents 18+ ends 12/16 11:59pm CST

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The products for this review and giveaway were provided by Progresso via MyBlogSpark.
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