Oooh shiny- The Undergarden Game Demo Review

The UnderGarden [Game Download]

So I just played the demo of a game I think y'all will like. Its a little game called Undergarden. In it you play this weird little subterranean sprite thing and you float happily around your caves collecting pollen, and pollinating various forms of softly glowing plants that light up brightly and play music as you pass them.

It's not all just happy floating, though with the pretty soft music and dazzling colors of the plants i could happily do just that. there are obstacles in your path, and creatures called musicians to take with you. crystals to find and hidden places to explore.

As you go through the games you also get costume pieces to adorn your cute lil guy with. The puzzles i have seen so far are physics based, meaning you pick up fruit from the plants you grow and use it to help you push pull and weigh down levers.

This is one of my favorite types of games, it has engaging game play that makes you think, but is simple to pick up and play, has stunning visuals, no monsters to face and soothing lovely music.

This is a great game to play to relax and the price on this gem of a game, which you can download to your PC, is under $10- a steal in my opinion. Undergarden is rated E for everyone and is also available for the PS3 and XBox 360.

*Note to Santa- this is way up there on my list.*

I want to give big props to the makers of this game, for putting out something that's not like anything I have ever seen and has captured my interest in a big way. Undergarden is devolped by Artech Studios and published by Atari.

Gamer Girlie out
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