Of all the Charlie Brown Trees...

Ours is the Charlie Browniest.

It's funny, I've had some really nice Christmas trees- and some- well, Charlie Brown trees. 

For some inexplicable reason, I end up giving away the nice, even really expensive ones and keeping the lame ducks.  I guess a gazillion years of the Charlie Brown Christmas special really rubbed off on me.

While they may not be to everyone's taste, we love our trees, getting out and putting on the special ornaments and reminiscing.

For your enjoyment, here is what we are enjoying this holiday season.

First we have our main tree, complete with ornaments the kids have made and our very special ornaments as well as our frog fairy topper- yes, I know, it does suit us perfectly.

Next is Cookie's tree, purple of course, and all of the ornaments are - you guessed it- sweets and goodies- from candy to cookies to java drinks, she's got them all.

Last but not least is...  drumroll please... our Charlie tree, fo' real.  What can I say, if our trees don't show you who we are, nothing will.

I am entering our trees in a contest hosted by MamaBuzz and sponsored by Hallmark.  You can find the deets here.
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