Menu for week of 12/27 - 1/2 New Year's Good Luck Menu

The divas wish you and yours a Happy New Year filled with love, joy and an abundance of all good things.

Superstitious or not, we cover our bases with our Good Luck New Year's Menu-  do you have any special recipes or foods you eat to bring you good fortune in the coming year?  We're willing to open our minds and try new things, we need all the good fortune we can get our hands on.  Especially if they are tastier than black-eyed peas!  (Sorry, only BEPs we like are the band members. ;-)

Here's what's cooking at our house, what's on your menu this week?

Choice of 15 bean soup or split pea soup, corn muffins or dinner rolls

Spaghetti and homemade meatballs, garlic bread

Chef's salad with tons of veggies, ham and cheese, thousand island dressing

Meatball subs with melted provolone and mozzarella, tossed salad w/creamy parmesan dressing

New Year's Eve feast- cheese and summer sausage platter, dips, crudeties, chips, crackers and other dippers, miscellaneous other goodies

Good Luck New Year's Dinner pork roast for good juju (pigs root forward- looking to the future), LOTS of cabbage, both cooked and raw- sauteed in butter and coleslaw for abundance in all good things, as many black-eyed peas as we can handle for good luck (one bean (well, technically maybe a pea or legume, whatever) I never learned to like, actually, none of us like them- and YES, we have had them made by excellent cooks) but I literally shovel spoonfuls then swallow like meds so they go down a bit easier, lots of greens (can only stomach spinach) for money, both cooked and raw- sauteed lightly and a big salad with baby spinach, mixed field greens, goat cheese, pears, sugared pecans and a honey based vinaigrette .

Scalloped potatoes with ham, green peas and/or green beans, fruit cups
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