Winner $75 CSN GC chosen, family

 Ugh yesterday slipped by without me realizing it was time to do this- usually one of the little divas does this but with everything going on it just didn't happen, so I am going to just choose a winner from all the comments up until now as long as they followed the rules.  Have to say I appreciate the in-laws though, they came up and kicked ass without taking names and got the yard/house/trees taken care of since Ken's on the can't do anything physically stressful disabled list and I have the whole can't bend, lift or reach/stretch but other than that I am fine when I am not puking or out of blood deal going on.  Ha- getting old sucks and getting old after a surgery that saves your life but screws you up sucks harder. ;-)  Family rocks- now to think of something amazing to show how much we appreciate them.

Anyhoo on to the winner.
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So the winner of the $75 CSN stores GC is tawnda.   

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I'll be emailing you in just a minute here and when I hear back will get your code off to you. Have fun spending.
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