The Edge 2010 Food Drive

As most of you probably know by now, we aren't from Arkansas. We kind of loathe it here. One of the worst adjustments we had was finding good music here- I hate to say, but there just aren't many good options around here. We did find one station we all like, The Edge, and I will say it has done well to keep at least a shred of our (already very limited) sanity intact. Chances are, if you have ever been in the car with us, that's what we are listening to.

But I'm not here to tell you about good music today... Even though they just played my requested song right as I typed that (Say You'll Haunt Me, my current obsession by Stone Sour.) Nope, I wanted to tell everyone about something awesome they are doing. Remember how we mentioned our local food bank closing its doors a while because it didn't have enough donations? They are doing their part to make sure that doesn't happen over the holidays, when people need it most. Here is what they say about it:

Join 100.3 The Edge on Thursday as we do our part to help end hunger in Arkansas this Thanksgiving with The Arkansas Foodbank Network! We'll be broadcasting live from the Kroger Marketplace on Chenal Parkway from 6am until 6pm and collecting non-perishable food items to help out. Go to for the list of items we're looking for and for more information. 

Given how close I've come to being one of the people who needs a food bank, this is hitting especially close to home this year! We always do our best to help out, and have in better years donated entire Christmases- from dinner to trees and decorations to toys- and this year, the best we can do is spread the word and encourage others. 

Don't live around here? Look and see what is going on in your area, see where you can help out. Every can helps right now, and no matter how bad things are, I promise someone has got it worse! So do your part, and remember, Santa is watching ;)  

Happy Holidays,
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