Our favorite holiday traditions- Hickory Farms

Hickory Farms means so many things to our family that we were thrilled to be chosen as part of the Hickory Farms blog tour from Mom Central. 

We received the Home for the Holidays gift set which included 2 - 10 oz. Our Signature Beef Summer Sausages, 10 oz. Italian Recipe Beef Summer Sausage, 8 oz. Big Barn Cheddar®, 7 oz. Cheddar & Havarti Blend, 4 oz. Three Cheese & Onion Wedge, 4 oz. Smooth N Sharp Wedge, 2.25 oz. Sweet Hot Mustard, 2.5 oz. Honey Pineapple Mustard and 2 - .5 oz. Cracked Wheat Crackers.

The box arrived and we were impressed with the new eco-conscious packaging and love the fact that in addition to being 100% recyclable, for every tree harvested, another is planted. 

Two things that we find notable-  Hickory Farms offers free shipping to APO/FPO military addresses, which is fabulous for sending a taste of home to your loved ones.  Also, read more about how they are helping end childhood hunger through Share Our Strength here.

I am a longtime fan of the Sweet Hot Mustard and was thrilled when I could buy it locally in one of our local market's deli sections, even if only seasonally, and whenever I want my sandwiches or snacks special that's what I use, but HOLY COW is the Honey Pineapple Mustard OMG DELISH!  I won't abandon Sweet Hot completely, but the new to me Honey Pineapple is right up there. 

In addition to fabulous food, Hickory Farms to us is tradition.  Here in our family, like many others, traditions come and traditions go as our lives get more hectic, our family dynamics change and some just don't fit our lifestyles any more.

One tradition that hasn't changed is Hickory Farms for the holidays.  They have something for every budget, and this year have five signature gift boxes ranging from $16 to $100.   An affordable treat which will delight the recipients-  I don't know anyone who doesn't immediately know they are getting a real treat when they see their gift is from Hickory Farms.

The first gift I can recall taking Dawn shopping for and letting her pick out on her own while she was still in her stroller is a Hickory Farms gift set for her daddy.  I knew that whatever she picked would be a winner, so she had free range to choose whatever she liked.  Through the years it has been kind of a joke since of course it is the gift he has to share with the girls and they pick it out for themselves at least as much as for their father.

Nowadays we have yet another tradition- Santa does a super-quickie extra drive by on Christmas Eve, usually while we are driving around looking at the lights, and leaves us new PJ's or blankies, a movie and a "feast" of Hickory Farms cheeses, sausages and other goodies to supplement what we've been baking and cooking to help make the time go quicker til bedtime.  We enjoy each other, some fabulous food and a ton of laughter.

Yet another tradition featuring Hickory Farms is that it is also our New Year's Eve feast- we love being together to ring in the new year and while we watch the countdown (Dick Clark HAS to be a robot or something, no?) and we enjoy the same types of goodies as we had for Christmas Eve, yet different as we change up the flavors and crackers and whatnot.

As if that wasn't enough, we have given and received many different Hickory Farms gift sets through the years- when we see where the package is from, we know we are in for a real treat.

Nowadays you can shop online for Hickory Farms, but I remember the store in our mall when I was growing up, and even here (well, in Little Rock) they have a koisk for the holidays which we love to go to because there is always something new to sample as well as many old favorites.

Is Hickory Farms part of your family's traditions?  If so, how?  Spill the beans, we might be missing out on something, and you know how we hate that. ;-)

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Hickory Farms and received a signature gift box from Hickory Farms to thank me for taking the time to participate.
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