Menu for week of 11/22 - 11/28

This is a busy week of cooking and baking for us-  Ian's 4th Birthday Cake and cupcakes- How To Train Your Dragon, naturally!  If you want to see how we did it and if it came out (we're MAKING IT ALL UP OURSELVES) be sure to stop on back we'll share the wonderful or not so wonderful results with you right here on Our Loonyverse.  Hopefully it will be a major success but if not maybe we'll have a funny story like we did with our spectacular failure, the Incredible Bouncing Bread.. ;-)

Hehe  now that you know our Epic Fail with the bread, what kind of awesome kitchen blunders have you made?  Share, please!  And as usual, we'd love to know what's cooking at your house- and what if any plans you have for the holiday weekend.

 Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, cream gravy, peas and or green beans (Does it get any more southern?)

Breakfast for dinner- either poached eggs and Thomas' english muffins or breakfast sandwiches, fruit

Crockpot HM mac and cheese, broccoli or cali blend veggies

Thanksgiving feast-  one up at Ken's mom's house including baked and fried turkey, venison and pretty much every side you can imagine- this is a very large extended family dealio where we all contribute-  dangerous with a ton of awesome cooks in the family, but somehow we survive it year after year-  the main things we will bring up are: deviled eggs, Ian's birthday cake and cupcakes, and pumpkin roll and instead of Kyra's awesome pumpkin cheesecake we are pretty sure this year we will be making Paula Deen's seriously amazing gooey pumpkin cake made with a butter pecan cake mix- OMG was it ever good- after that, whatever else we are inspired to bring.

The second Thanksgiving meal will be Alton Brown's brined turkey that we bake here (we NEED the leftovers and meat for sandwiches and whatnot!)  I know other people feel the exact opposite, but after the stuffing it's my fave part.  Along with a 20+ lb bird here we'll have stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes and veggies along with more deviled eggs while we watch the first Christmas movie of the year (for us) Miracle on 34th Street- the original in black and white.  After this we are complete and total slugs and good for nothing much but laying around in Turkey induced comas and berating each other for  letting each other eat too much.

(Ha, I am better at this than the rest of them but here's my secret for not eating TOOOOOO TOOOOOOOOO much -  go straight for the stuffing and gravy with only tiny portions of everything else. ;-) )

Leftovers- I am sure we'll be making our experiment that turned out so well- the Taste of Thanksgiving Rings- truly the best leftover turkey recipe I've ever tried and not just because we made it up- it really is fabulous!  And this wonderful day after thanksgiving will be our first batch of fudge for the year for dessert- btw if you are interested, our fudge is still the easiest to make and still undefeated! ;-)

Something easy, probably use the stock we will make from boiling down the carcass and make turkey veggie noodle or turkey rice soup and serve with crackers or sandwiches.

For more menu ideas, head on over to I'm an Organizing Junkie.
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