Maters Tall Tales Review

I don't usually care for Movie to game adaptions, especially when they're aimed at children, so when I received Mater's Tall Tales (click for more info) to review I approached it with skepticism. I am happy to say I am a little surprised by this game. 
Mater's Tall Tale's is based on the series of shorts Pixar did about the character from Cars. You play through each of the stories as a car you design, there are a few different car models, paint jobs and stickers to choose from. Each of the tales is divided up into 4 parts with little excerpts from the cartoon they came from, and each section is its own mini game. The games are fun and varying in degrees of challenging , unfortunately there is no real rhyme or reason to how hard they are, which can get frustrating when the adults play simple matching games or the little ones just CAN'T beat a level. They are fun enough , But nothing really special for the gamer crowd.
Ian, my nearly 4 year old nephew enjoyed it pretty well, and so will any other kids who are Car's fans. Unfortunately there is not a lot of replay value with this game. Each level gives you coins based on your score, and you can use those to decorate your car, but there is not a lot to choose from and you don't unlock more options, so really once you have played through the levels you are done with them if you are above the age of enjoying repetition. The easier levels make this great for beginning gamers, but given the twitchier levels it still isn't something they can likely do on their own. The only real thing to go back for is the Multi player, which can be done with up to 4 other people, which is fun but not spectacular. The controls range from extremely easy to a little twitchy. 
The sound is good with a combination of clips from the cartoons, and Mater giving encouragements. The music is fun and suits each level. Your kids will get a kick out of being part of their favorite mater shorts. So my view on the game is , give it a rental, see how you and your family like it, OR if your kid is fairly young or a big Mater fan, it would make a nice Christmas gift. Unfortunately there is not a lot of replay value to it unless you are a die hard fan. Maters tall tales is out for the Wii, is produced By Papoya and Havok , and is rated E for everyone. 

Gamer Girlie Out.
"I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Disney Interactive Studios and received the Cars Toon: Mater's Tall Tales Wii game to facilitate my review."
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