Fair Trade Products Stunning Glass Pendant Review and Giveaway ~closed~

As you know, we love fair-trade and such around here. As part of our different kind of Christmas, we are focusing on quality, and things that give back. Some things give back in a more subtle way... when we buy fair trade instead of traditional global market, we know that we are supporting the workers and helping them have good lives, we know what we got wasn't under child labor or sweat shops or anything of that nature. That is why I love Fair Trade Products.

On their site, this quote captures their philosophy: You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build anew model that makes the existing model obsolete. - Buckminster Fuller

On the About Us section on the web site, Sarita Sidau tells the story of how she got started; Her first day she sold nothing but a chocolate bar, and got a citation from a police officer on her way to get her daughter from school. But that did not keep her down! Now she is successful at her local market, and, lucky for us- online!

We were sent two stunning glass pendants to review- I kept a blue triangle on round wire, and Dawn chose the yellow one on a cord.

Cute Ian story now: I was wearing my necklace, which fades from dark to light blue, and has very pretty bubbles in it. It certainly looks like something mystical!

Ian was staring at it, reaching out to play with it a little. Mind you, he had been in an awful, terrible, horrible no good sort of mood, so when I saw how fascinated he was, I decided to play on. "Ian sweetie... you like my new necklace? You know something special about it... it's magic. All the little bubbles have magic in them... if you wear it, something really good will happen. But only if you behave!" Because, as he knows, magic only works when you are being good.

So he put the necklace on, very happily, and he of course started behaving in a much more acceptable manner. He did get his magic surprises... we found one of his favorite books that had been lost for months because of moving, If you give a Mouse a Cookie... and of course he got cookies after dinner, because he decided he was my little Mouse! Not saying these necklaces will always bring magic, but, y'know... doesn't hurt to wish, and at least you will look cute doing it ;)

Looking over the site, you will see her prices are all fair, and there is a wonderful selection of jewelry made in Chile, Fair Trade coffee cheaper than I pay at the coffee shop here ($10/pound, opposed to $12-15 for coffee I am pretty sure isn't fair trade.

One more note about the coffee, quoted from her site- These wonderful coffees are from Deans Beans in Massachusetts; I love this precedent-setting, no-nonsense, yet fun-loving company. (At my stall at the Irvine farmers' market, I clearly display their poster which states that there is no middle ground. Fair & Unfair- There's No Middle Ground.

She also has tea, sugar, and a few more products "coming soon."Overall, she has very good products and a wonderful philosophy- "Be the change we want to see in the world"-Gandhi. This is a company we are very happy to support.

THE GIVEAWAY:  One of our fortunate readers will receive a stunning handmade glass pendant based on availability- we can't guarantee style because they are handmade.  Open to US residents 18+ ends 12/5

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Best of luck to you.

We received the aforementioned products for review purposes only, and the sponsor will send one to the winner- we were not required to give a positive review and  the opinions are our own and were in no way shape or form influenced by anything other than our own experiences.
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