Calling all dieting dessert lovers

I am so excited to tell y'all about our new love.

I recently won a one year supply of gum from One Bored Mommy - Thanks, Courtney -  which will last us about a month (we share) and it  is amazing.

Extra Dessert Delights.

It comes in 3 flavors-  and the flavor lasts and lasts-  I have not had one outlast the time I was ready to get rid of it yet.

Mint Chocolate Chip which tastes exactly like the ice cream.  We knew we loved it, and in fact aside from being major gum lovers that's why I entered the giveaway. 

Strawberry Shortcake which at first tastes like any old strawberry gum but after just a few chews you start to get the nuances of the delectable treat.

Key Lime Pie which being a citrus lover I figured I would like but could not find in our stores anywhere.  HOLY MOLY this is amazing you don't just get the lime taste you get it all.

I have no idea what kind of magic they use to meld the flavors so you are not just getting a taste of one or the other or a mismash of goo you are getting the shebang as if you are eating a piece of pie.

Best part- all the yummy goodness without the calories!  I know, right?  Amazing and fantabulous. 

Literally if you are craving dessert pop a stick and you forget about it because you are totally satisfied by the gum, and I have NEVER said this about a gum before. 

The divas have one thing they would change-  make more flavors.  We would love to see anything mocha or java chip related, banana pudding or cream pie, coconut cream pie, apple pie a la mode and creme brulee are a few of the desserts that come to mind.  ;-)

Thanks, Extra, keep up the good work.

We were not paid or  given any incentive for this post, we just found a phenomenal product and wanted to share.
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