Toothless (from How To Train Your Dragon) carved pumpkin

Ian is obsessed with How to Train Your Dragon.  We play Toothless (him) and pathetic viking boy Hiccup (me) all the time.  In that vein, we searched desperately for instructions/pattern/cheat sheet for a Toothless Jack-O-Lantern and came up empty handed.  His mama, Geeky Mama, printed out a pic and carved this free hand.

We think she did an amazing job especially considering she never carved a pumpkin without a pattern before, picked up a tool and went to town.  (And just FYI she's one of the most creative but least artistically inclined- this is not a natural gift for her, but a learned one.)

We couldn't be more proud and Ian saw it and said Mommy did it she got his whole body.  WOW.  His eyes lit up like a thousand jack-o-lanterns.

So, cheating or not since I made Ki and she made this I'm including it in the SITS Halloween Party, read yesterday's Happy Halloween post for link to all the deets.  Today's challenge is get crafty!.

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