Remember your Food Banks- Public Service Announcement

No one asked me to post this, but our local food bank the Bethlehem House had to close its doors due to lack of donations.

It's coming up on the holidays and this is the time of year the food banks are usually overflowing, but things are tough for so many people this year they just can't keep up.

I'm sure if it's this bad here, it's bad in other areas as well and while I know that things are tight for a lot of our readers, including us, we aren't going to bed hungry or sending our children to school that way.

Here in Conway, our markets have donation baskets for non perishable items as well as swipe cards to add $1 or more.  At the Big Star in Mayflower, they have a donation basket as well as you can go to the pharmacy area (I think-  it's to the left when you are checking out- they used to keep the cigarettes back there) through the glass doors.

I love the cards because I'm pretty sure they are better at maximizing what they can buy EXCEPT for really great loss-leaders or free or almost free with coupons products.

Wherever you live, whatever you can do, know that it will be appreciated by those who just can't make it without this type of help at this time.

We all need help in some area of our lives or other at some time- and every little bit helps.

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