No room for bullying and hatred! Spirit Day Oct 20.

Those of you who are on my fb and twitter know I'm posting this all over the place.  I understand we all have our beliefs and I for one applaud that, how horrible if we did  not have the freedom to choose what to believe and live as we see fit. 

The simple truth is we are very diverse, in our cultures, our lifestyles, our beliefs and yes, even our sexual orientation.  It's okay to think yours is the right way, but not to the point where you are harming others with different beliefs.  Since I am pretty happy with the wording of my facebook status I am copying it directly here-  no need to reinvent the wheel after all. 

Whatever your beliefs there is NO EXCUSE for spreading hatred and prejudice to the point where life is no longer worth living! Bullying cannot and should not be tolerated. Please join me and show your support- if you can't or won't support lifestyles other than your own, surely you can support the value of their lives as human beings.

Please consider wearing purple on October 20th to show your support .  Again, this is NOT SAYING YOU ARE GAY or even that it's right that others are - it is saying it is wrong to bully and hurt them so badly that they feel suicide is the only answer.  6 young men tragically felt death was the only way they could escape from the hatred and bullying and there is just no excuse for this.

Here's the link honoring the young mens' lives where I first learned about this, and I intend to wear my purple proudly.
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