How to: upload and share your blog button

Now that you've proven to the world how amazing you are by making your own blog button you want to be able to share it with your blogging buddies, and the divas have found an easy way for you to do just that.

Here is an example of what it will look like when you are done:


First thing to do is upload your button to a blog hosting service. We use Photobucket. After your button is uploaded you need to snag the image code and the html code- Photobucket makes this super simple- click on the image you want to use and underneath there are two boxes to grab them from. Here's the coding we used:

What you want to do now is change the blog url ( to the web address you want people to go to when they click on your button.

Next, you want to put in the address where your image is stored (you get this from Photobucket if that is where you stored it).  Change the DDDIVA to whatever you want yours titled.  then put the html part of the code in, changing only the web address and where the image is stored. 

Now you can add it to your sidebar - in blogger you do this by clicking edit then add a gadget.  Click HTML/Javascript and then copy and paste your code into the box.  Move the box wherever you want it and then save.  Click to make sure it directs you to your homepage or wherever you want it and you are done. 

Pat yourself on the back and spread the word that you are a techie genius and start sharing that button and let others find your blog easily.

If you find this easy tutorial useful, feel free to spread the word, we'd really appreciate it.  Knowing we helped someone avoid the headaches and hassles really brightens our day.  :-)
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