Happy Halloween

I'm joining those crazy SITS girls again by linking up this post- a memory from Halloween Past. 

Don't know what SITS is-  well, it's a fab group of bloggers who support each other and show the love (and they let you play even when you have to take long breaks cuz real life gets in the way).  You meet fabulous bloggers and make some really great friends and find out the most interesting things.

Why am I (Halloween) partying with the girls?  Well, it's fun to hang with the SITSta's of course, but we know me, I'm all about the prizes and if you play along you get a chance to win an awesome camera, the Canon EOS Rebel T2i.  Since Dev is taking photography and needs an SLR camera, and ours is bottom of the line, and the point and shoots all kind of crapped out really quickly all the divas sharing one camera and the crap the phones take is kind of lame sauce (yeah, the girls got me saying that).  The point is I may just have to link every dang old Halloween pic from the past that I can find to up our chances.

I absolutely love this pic of Casey, it's her first year doing stage make-up and I think she did a fabulous job.  Creeped a bunch of people out, too.
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