GeekyMommy's journey to becoming Gainfully Unemployed- Part one

Work and I have a history of being somewhat disagreeable with one another. Namely, my heart decides to be temperamental when I can't afford to miss work. Also, it interferes with more important things, like writing and drinking coffee. (Yes, I am certain I have my priorities straight).
Thats not to say I just want to be a lazy bum all day... well, not most days. But I have a goal of not having so much of what one might call a "job" with set hours and a boss and time cards and sick days and not even getting benefits... So my goal is to make a liveable income through other sources... Gainfully Unemployed could work for me! I know, I know, its not easy, its more work than I think, blah blah... jobs just aren't meant for everyone.
I have a little bit to piece together already- I do a little bit of housekeeping, not much, but I can perhaps ramp up on that. I also am going to help my friends advertise their filming company Fjord Films (if you need any filming done in AR go to them and tell them Kyra Sent you! They really are amazing!) and may help a few other friends with small business... they know their work, but not how to spread it. Luckily I'm accustomed to being a big mouth! So lets see how this goes! Hey maybe I should just start GeekyMommy promotions... there's an idea...
I'm also trying to get off the ground with my writing, looking for small gigs there. I am going to put some of my work up, aswell, to be published as a serial novel. Hopefully people will like it and then I can just be an author like I really want!
Almost every weekend I can find jobs for "gigs" posted on craigslist- running events, donning a mascot costume... not great work, but could help when I need that extra $50 (don't I always?)
I also have a few sources of extra income that come in the form of, say, amazon codes that will be used for Christmas. The best right now seems to be SwagBucks (which, if you sign up under me, whenever you win I win too!).

Here I will catalog all of my attempts and results, tell you what I find works... and what is a waste of time. If I post something that means I've done it and been paid... or will tell you different!
Wish me luck, everyone! And tell me if you know anything I haven't tried yet!

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